Overwatch 2 Cassidy guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters, and more

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Cassidy returns in Overwatch 2 as the gunslinger with the perfect aim, capable of decimating teams with a well-placed shot. Playing Cassidy can be challenging as his shooting requires quick reflexes and precision. If you optimize using his abilities, you can get the drop on enemies and decimate them before they know you were there. In this guide, we will cover tips, strategies, and counters for Cassidy in Overwatch 2.

All Cassidy abilities

These are all of the abilities you can use while playing as Cassidy.

  • Passive (Damage)
    • Cassidy is in the damage role, and will receive increased reload and movement speed after eliminating another player for 2.5 seconds. This buff will not stack.
  • Magnetic Grenade (E)
    • A short-range grenade that homes in on enemies, dealing additional damage if they are stuck by it
  • Combat Roll (Left shift)
    • Roll in the direction moving and reload
  • Deadeye (Ultimate)
    • Face off against your enemies, activating this attack to lock on to them and hitting it again to fire

Cassidy has a trusty pistol that fires out six shots alongside these abilities. Those shots are powerful, but he is nearly defenseless without them. Therefore, you need to precisely time your shots with this pistol to get the most of them and ensure you have your Magnetic Grenade ready to close the distance between you and an opponent or have your Combat Roll ready. The Combat Roll is an excellent way to evade specific attacks and reloads Cassidy’s pistol to prepare him for another round.

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How to play as Cassidy

When playing as Cassidy, focus on taking heavy shots at the squishy enemies, namely the Damage and Support characters. Cassidy can get in close and use his alternative fire on his pistol to release all of his loaded shots, and you can finish someone off with the Magnetic Grenade. Although, using the combat roll to reload and do it all over again in a matter of seconds is equally devastating. Cassidy can be in close-quarters combat and in long-range, but it all comes down to skill in long-range duels. Outside of his Combat Roll, his abilities are not as effective the further away from his enemy.

When using his ultimate, High Noon, you want to find an elevated position to make the most out of it, taking out multiple foes at once. Unfortunately, he is standing still while charging it up, leaving him vulnerable and making him the perfect target. Although, his ultimate takes quite some time to charge, giving your enemies time to hide and regroup until it’s over.

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Good teammates to play with Cassidy

A single-target healing such as Mercy, Ana, or Zenyatta can help keep Cassidy alive. However, he does well with Moira, as the two can isolate an enemy and quickly dispose of them. Moira can choose to keep Cassidy alive or assist him in damage. Cassidy works well with most of them and ideally with Sigma, Reinhardt, Orisia, Roadhog, or Zarya when it comes to tanks.

All counters and who to counter with Cassidy

Cassidy doesn’t have too many escapes, and his combat roll is a short-distance maneuver. Damage heroes like Reaper, Echo, Junkrat, Mei, Pharah, Tracer, and Symmetra can take advantage of it, immobilizing or being able to chase after him effectively. Likewise, any hero with a stun can prevent Cassidy from using his ultimate attack or prevent him from escaping and returning to his allies.

Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade allows him to become a close-range fighter, making him the bane of many snipers in Overwatch 2. It all comes down to using Cassidy’s limited bullets to hit the enemy for a headshot or to close the distance and use everything at once. The trick is to find a balance between the two without leaving Cassidy overexposed next to too many enemies.

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Cassidy can be a tricky hero to play in Overwatch 2. While he can no longer use his grenade to stun, his Magnetic Grenade can make short work of enemies he’s been fighting, meaning he doesn’t have to hit every shot, so long as he’s close enough to use his abilities. You’ll want to watch your teammates and try to flank with Deadeye as often as possible.