Palia – All Free Maji Market Gifts & How to Get Them (September 2023)

Palia is offering free gifts at the Maji Market! Here is how to obtain them, and what each day’s bundle will include.

If you’ve been on Palia lately, you know that there are plenty of gifts to be had through Maji Market. Throughout the Maji Market’s quests, you can gain new food items, furniture pieces, and other goodies as you fulfill the needs of Palians who are also enjoying themselves at the Market. Supporting the small-town endeavors rewards you with more than just food and plush treats though, you can also use the Maji Market to improve your relationship with other Palians, romantically or platonically.

Palia Encourages Players To Visit Maji Market With Weekend Gifts

This weekend Palia devs are hosting an opportunity for players to gather up more items for their quests and other adventures. The first weekend giveaway for specific items happened during the opening of Maji Market, enticing players to log on during the festivities. Now that Maji Market is closing soon, Palia is hosting another event giveaway to encourage players to get online before the opportunities, and sweet treats, are gone.

All you need to do to get your free stuff is log in. During this special weekend giveaway, you can log on every day this weekend to get these specific items:

  • Friday, September 22: x10 Phoenix Fireworks, x3 Delaila’s Peach Cakes
  • Saturday, September 23: x10 Dragon Firework, x3 Chapaa Pops
  • Sunday, September 24: Chapaa Hut Inki Plush, x3 Delaila’s Hopalong Puffs

These items will only be available to claim on their respective days, so if you want some free food items to max out your Focus, then claim them as soon as you can. Additionally, if you haven’t checked out Maji Market yet, these items are just a taste of what you can get by completing the missions available from the market. Use this weekend as an excuse to knock out Maji Market quests before they’re all gone.