Payday 3: How To Access Mason Laurent’s Office in Touch The Sky

Getting into Mason Laurent’s office in Payday 3’s Touch The Sky is challenging, and this guide shows you how to do it.


Image via Starbreeze Studios

The Touch The Sky mission in Payday 3 is complicated. It’s all about remaining cover, without getting noticed by any of the security guards, cameras, or any of the higher elites attending the meeting downstairs. You’ll mask up at the beginning of the mission, and have to track down the vault in the back of the penthouse.

After you’ve tracked down the Master Bedroom, the next step is to access Mason Laurent’s office. Unfortunately, it’s locked down tight, and there are a few things you have to access before you can get into it. Here’s what you need to know about how to access Mason Laurent’s Office in Payday 3’s Touch The Sky.

Where To Find Mason Laurent’s Office in Touch The Sky

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Mason Laurent’s office is on the top floor of the penthouse. I was able to find it opposite the Master Bedroom, protected by a red keypad. When you approach the office in this Payday 3 mission, unfortunately, it will be locked down, and you won’t be able to access it until you find the keycard hidden inside the filling room. The only way to get into that room is with a QR code, and you can get that by hacking the smartphone protected by the Head of Security. Getting into Mason Laurent’s office was never going to be simple.

How To Hack the Head of Security Smartphone in Touch The Sky

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The Head of Security is a roaming NPC you can find inside the penthouse. He wanders around the top floor, and down to the bottom floor, mingling with the civilians attending the meeting, before making his way back upstairs. There are several locations where your Payday 3 team can sneak up on him, hack his phone, and prepare the download.

Like the other times you have to hack a phone in Payday 3, stay close to the target until the download completes. You’ll see a small outline of the radius you need to stay in. However, I recommend getting close to him when he’s over by the Master Bedroom. I had the most success staying close to him at this location and successfully hacking the phone.

Where to Find Keycard in Filling Room in Touch The Sky

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When the smartphone has been hacked, look for the filling room. It should have a QR keypad on the wall next to it, where you can use the code of the phone you hacked to get inside. The red keycard will be inside this location, and you’ll need to search the various filling cabinets to find it. Once you’ve located the red keycard, return to the entrance of Mason Laurent’s office, and unlock it to gain access to this private area, bringing you one step closer to completing Payday 3’s Touch The Sky heist.