Payday 3: How To Access Master Bedroom in Touch The Sky

The private penthouse is a heavily secured place in Payday 3’s Touch The Sky, and this guide shows you where to find the Master Bedroom.

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You’ll try to break into a penthouse for Payday 3’s Touch The Sky mission. You won’t have as many entrance points as do you for a typical heist, but you can expect several security guards and private security officers to be roaming around the penthouse to protect it. When you arrive inside, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find the Master Bedroom.

This area is locked down tight, and tracking it down can be complicated. In addition, to unlock this area, you’ll need to hack the network’s WiFi to break the code. Here’s what you need to know about how to access the Master Bedroom in Payday 3’s Touch The Sky mission.

Where To Find The Master Bedroom in Touch The Sky

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Tracking down the location of the Master Bedroom can take a bit of time during the Touch The Sky mission. For my Payday 3 playthrough, I was able to find it on the corner of the penthouse, right next to where you drop from the ceiling from the final vent that you can enter, after you reach the top of the building. This is a mission where you must put your mask on immediately, but you can still remain in stealth, as long as no security guards, cameras, or civilians catch you crouching around.

The Master Bedroom will have a computer touch screen next to it on the wall. When you get close to it, your handler will inform you that the next step requires her to hack into the Penthouse’s WiFi. Without the hack, you won’t be able to open up the door and continue Payday 3’s Touch The Sky mission.

How to Hack The WiFi in Touch The Sky

Now, hacking the WiFi is a little complicated. Rather than looking for a computer, or tracking to hack a phone on the back of a guard’s pocket, you’ll need to find highlighted locations scattered throughout the penthouse. Think of them as hacking an NPC’s phone, where, in Payday 3, you have to stand next to them before the wheel charges up, and you’ve successfully hacked it. After hacking it, another hacking point appears, giving you plenty of locations to visit, forcing you to avoid more and more guards.

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You will need to stand in the circle long enough for the hack to complete. However, you can leave the circle to avoid a wandering camera or a security guard without losing progress, which is a huge win. Once you’ve finished hacking the keypad to the Master Bedroom, return to it, and you can now enter this area to unlock the vault.