PES 2019: How To Install Options Files To Get Official Kits & Badges


Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 was released in August 2018 (PUT DATE), this football simulation game is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you are thinking about having real names, official kits and badges of this game then there is a way to do that. You can read the procedure below. It is possible to get some official update for the game on the PC platform by using the PES 2019 option file.

PES 2019 Option Files

How To Install Option Files In PES 2019 – PC

The method below to get the official update works via PES-Patch file provided by a third-party site The files are submitted by the community members to use them on your own risk.

Steps To Install Option Files On PC

Download the PES-Patch for PC from the link provided below. The option files work on PC and PS4, you just need to replace certain files. Things are pretty simple for PC, you just have to download the option files and extract the content of it in a folder. Once done just move the files in below location.

  • Steam/SteamApps/Common/Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Once you had done replacing the game launch it and check out the new changes.

Steps To Install Option Files On PS4

This thing works differently on PS4, you will need a USB drive to import the Option files.

Follow the below steps.

  • Format a USB Drive to Fat32 and create a folder inside it with name WEPES.
  • Extract the content of Option File in the WEPES folder of the USB Drive.
  • Connect the USB Drive to your PS4 console and launch PES 2019.
  • Next, go to Extras > and click on Edit. You will see a menu scroll down and select Import/Export.
  • Select Import Team, and you will see the list of files pops up on the screen. Select all files and leave everything under Detailed Settings. They are (1)Select team to import data to, (2)Apply player and squad data & (3)Overwriting image files of the same name. Ignore these three settings.
  • Confirm and the download will start. It will take around 10 to 15 minutes to finish the process. Just wait for it to finish.

That’s it you can install Option Files for PES 2019 for PC and PS4. Download the files below form source link.

Download Source: