PGA Tour 2K21: How to add hills in Course Designer

Want to add some elevation?

Adding obstacles to a golf course can make the playing experience much more challenging, but more enjoyable at the same time. In PGA Tour 2K21, players can design their very own golf course as part of the title’s Course Designer mode and create new challenges with each playing area. Along with being able to add trees in 2K21, players can also add another golf course staple: hills.

First, you’ll want to scroll over to the Designer tab at the home screen to begin creating your course. And much like with adding trees, the Course Designer will automatically add hills depending on what value you set Hills at in the Terrain setting. 

However, if you want to add more hills on your course, you’ll have to follow a few different steps. After you have initially finished developing your course, select the option to edit hit. Once you do that, select Edit and then Sculpt Land. After selecting Sculpt Land, you’ll want to select Sculpt Raise and pick a brush. Once you do that, a hill will be generated onto your course.

Screenshot from PGA Tour 2K21

To get rid of a particular hill, follow the same exact steps you would to create one, but instead of picking Sculpt Raise, you need to select Sculpt Flatten. This will remove the elevated part of the course that you select and make it flat.