Phasmophobia beginner’s guide and tips

First tip: don’t let the ghost kill you.

Image via Kinetic Games

Phasmophobia is a new fun and scary ghost hunting game. Before you get out and check the location for evidence, you will need to be prepared, as these ghosts can and will kill you. In most cases, a team of four will be the best bet; however, in small-sized locations, a smaller team of three or two can manage. 

Getting the right gear

First, as you start this game, you will have no money to spend so you will need to tag along with other players on their own hunts. Once you actually have money, here’s what you need to buy.

  • Flashlights (Strong Flashlights for larger locations)
  • UV Flashlights will show handprints on different surfaces
  • EMF Readers show ghost activity but is not considered evidence until it hits level 5
  • Video Cameras show ghost orb activity while looking through the feed at the truck
  • Photo Camera allows you to take a picture of the ghost, also defends against spirits
  • Ghost Writing Books will be written in if placed in the ghost’s domain
  • Spirit Boxes can be spoken into and some ghosts will talk back
  • Crucifix (to prevent attacks from ghosts)
  • Smudge Sticks (to prevent attacks from ghosts)
  • Lighters

There is more highly sophisticated equipment, but you won’t need to worry about that starting out. These items listed will be necessary to figure out what kind of ghost you are dealing with. Always make sure that you have enough tools to narrow down your choices. Refer to your journal to see which ghosts react to different items. Every time you add a piece of evidence, the game narrows down your choices automatically.

Stay in communication

If your team is not communicating what they are doing and where they are doing it, you may spend too much time trying to find the ghost’s haunted room. The longer you spend in the location, the angrier it will get, meaning less time for you to gather evidence. If you keep each other in the loop, you can get in and get out as quickly as possible. It is also important to have a player in the truck keeping track of players’ cameras, sanity levels, and spectral activity.

Know when to get out of there

Sometimes the ghost will be very aggressive and start to hunt you before you can fully narrow it down, or you may have figured out what type of ghost it is but didn’t complete your objectives. When this happens, just get out of there. If you die, all of the equipment that you brought along will be lost. Completing more objectives may net you some extra cash, but if you die, you will be spending it on all of the equipment you just lost.

Leaving with some objectives completed or the ghost type discovered will still bring in some funds for the next haunt. Unless you’re feeling incredibly confident finishing up the tasks, your best bet is to head to the truck and live another day.