What To Do If You Get Error ws-37403-7 On Playstation 4


It appears to be one of those days where things at Sony are going a little bit awry. If you have been trying to use your PlayStation 4 but keep getting error ws-37403-7, then have no fear, for you are not alone. Many people are being affected by this error today, including me! As such, at least we do not have to suffer alone.

What To Do If You Get Error was-37403-7 On PlayStation 4

Frankly, there is nothing that you can do at the moment, except not worry about it too much. People seem to be getting affected by error ws-37403-7 in different ways. Some people cannot load anything; others are being told that they have no PS Plus membership. If you know for a fact that you do have a PS Plus membership, then that’s fine. The system hasn’t forgotten, and none of your games have been deleted or anything like that.

There appears to be some hiccup in the system, and the backend profiles are not being read correctly. For now, hold tight and wait for Sony to fix the issues at their end.

It might also be worth keeping an eye on the official PlayStation social media channels, but frankly, they do not always acknowledge these kinds of issues and instead just silently fix them.

It might be a good time to do whatever jobs and chores you have been putting off all day (that’s right, I can see you) so that you can get back to our beloved gaming with a clear conscience when Sony fix the issue. The last time this happened, it didn’t take that long to fix, if my memory serves. So, hold tight, you’ll be back to playing those sweet, sweet games very soon.

Update: Sony are aware of the issues, as per the below tweet, and are working on a fix.