PlayStation DualSense Edge – Release date, price, how to preorder, and more

Like to live life on the edge?

Image via PlayStation

The DualSense Edge is the latest first-party controller offered by PlayStation. It brings all of the usual DualSense features you love in the original controller but adds some high-performance pieces to make it the PlayStation equivalent of the Xbox Elite controller. Here is how you can get your hands on it and some other important information to know.

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When does the DualSense Edge release, and how much will it cost?

The DualSense Edge is set to release on January 26 and will set you back $200. If you need to purchase the side stick modules, that is an extra $20. This makes this PlayStation-made controller the most expensive controller made by the big three console developers, edging out the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller which is $180.

How to preorder the DualSense Edge

Pre-orders for the DualSense Edge will go live on October 25 from select retailers. Sony has not given a list of the retailers, but we expect the usual suspects of GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, and potentially Wal-Mart to be included.

Image via PlayStation

Should you buy the DualSense Edge?

The DualSense Edge is made to be a controller for gamers that are very serious about the little details in their controller and want to get the most out of their performance. For starters, this controller will not work on a PlayStation 4, so only get it if you have a PS5 or PC to which you want to connect. You can swap out the stick caps and back paddles, set and save input mapping, change stick sensitivity, and more. If you are not looking to get this deep into how your controller works, we recommend sticking with the original DualSense.