Pokémon Go August 2022 Community Day date and Pokémon

All the details about the upcoming Community Day event in Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

The Pokémon Go August 2022 Community Day has been announced. It will have a new Pokémon and a new date, allowing you to catch a particular Pokémon for a limited time. When you fully evolve the Pokémon, it will be an exclusive move that it cannot traditionally learn. This guide covers the Pokémon Go August 2022 Community Day date, and the Pokémon featured in the event.

When is the August 2022 Community Day?

The August 2022 Community Day will be happening on August 13. The event begins at 11 AM and continues until 2 PM in your local time zone. At the end of the event, four-star blue raid eggs will appear, giving you the chance to continue to the event with the featured Pokémon’s second form as the opponent. In addition, should you defeat this Pokémon, the base form of that Pokémon will appear 300 meters surrounding the Gym for 30 minutes, giving you the chance to continue to catch the Pokémon.

What is the August 2022 Community Day Pokémon?

The featured Pokémon for August 2022’s Community Day will be Galarian Zigzagoon. The shiny form of this Pokémon will be available, giving you an increased chance to catch it during the event hours. When you evolve Galarian Zigzagoon into its final form, Obstagoon, it will learn the charged move, Obstruct, a Dark-side move, and it’s Obstagoon’s signature attack.

You will have the chance to purchase the Field Notes: Galarian Zigzagoon Special Research if you wish to receive additional rewards during the event. If you want additional rewards while going through this event, grabbing this Special Research ticket is a good idea. Given Obstagoon’s usefulness in the Great and Ultra Leagues, this might be an excellent idea if you’re looking for more chances to add Obstagoon to your party.