Pokemon Go Fest 2023: All Sky High & Super Sky High Tasks and Rewards

The second day for Pokemon Go Fest 2023 has arrived, with the Sky High and Super Sky High Special Research quests.

Image via Niantic

The second day of Pokemon Go Fest 2023 has arrived for players, and with it, the arrival of Mega Rayquaza. Many fans were looking forward to this Pokemon’s arrival, giving them the chance to encounter it in Mega Raids.

For those who want to track down Meteorites, the Sky High and Super Sky High Special Research tasks are the way to do it. This item will only be available through this method, but we can expect additional chances in the future. This guide covers all tasks and rewards for completing the Sky High and Super Sky High Special Researches in Pokemon Go.

How to Complete Sky High Special Research in Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

There are two Special Researches available during Pokemon Go Fest 2023. The first is the Sky High Special Research, and this one is available for all Pokemon Go players who log into the game during the second day of Pokemon Go Fest 2023. These tasks and rewards are unique to players and are separate from the Super Sky High Special Research.

These are all of the tasks and rewards for completing this Special Research in Pokemon Go.

Task 1

  • Spin Three Poke Stops or Gyms – 20 Poke Balls
  • Catch Three Pokemon – Three Nanab Berries
  • Complete Two Field Research Tasks – 100 XP

All Rewards: Three Potions, One Meteorite, and 100 Stardust

Task 2

  • Power up Pokemon Five Times – Three Revives
  • Use a Super Effective Charged Attack – Three Super Potions
  • Participate in a Raid Battle – Three Max Revives

All Rewards: A Silver Pinap Berry, a Golden Razz Berry, and Fiver Rayquaza Stickers

How to Complete Super Sky High Special Research in Pokemon Go

For those purchasing the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 Ticket to participate in the Global Event, the Super Sky High Special Research should appear. This one will have several different rewards and provide more chances to acquire Meteorites than the standard Sky High Special Research.

Task 1

  • Explore 1 km – Three Super Potions
  • Complete Two Field Research tasks – 23 Poke Balls
  • Visit 10 Poke Stops or Gyms – Two Lucky Eggs

All Rewards: A Meteorite, two Fast TMs, and two Charged TMs

Task 2

  • Earn 3,840 Stardust – 20 Rayquaza Candy
  • Power Up 10 Dragon-type Pokemon – Goomy Encounter
  • Power Up 10 Flying-type Pokemon – 384 Stardust

All Rewards: Three Hyper Potions, Three Revives, Two Premium Battle Pass

Task 3

  • Use Three Supereffective Charged Attacks – Three Max Revives
  • Battle in Five Raids – Three Max Potions
  • Win a Mega Raid – 100 Mega Rayquaza Energy

All Rewards: A Golden Razz Berry, A Silver Pinap Berry, and 100 Mega Rayquaza Energy

Task 4

  • Catch 10 Water, Electric, or Bug-type Pokemon – 10 Kyogre Candy
  • Catch 10 Fire, Grass, and Ground-type Pokemon – 10 Groudon Candy
  • Catch 10 Flying, Psychic, or Dragon-type Pokemon – 10 Rayquaza Candy

All Rewards: 100 Primal Kyogre Energy, 100 Primal Groudon Energy, and 200 Mega Rayquaza Energy

Task 5

  • Power Up Pokemon 20 Times – 10 Rayquaza Candy
  • Use 10 Super Effective Charged Attacks – 10 XL Rayquaza Candy
  • Win 5 Raids – Three Rare Candy

All Rewards: 1 Rare Candy XL, 1 Elite Fast TM, 1 Elite Charged TM