How to Heal & Revive Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Your Pokemon will take damage in Pokemon Go, and this covers everything you need to know about healing and reviving them.

How to heal and revive Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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Your Pokemon are bound to take a good amount of damage and potentially even faint as you play Pokemon Go. This can happen in Pokemon battles when they battle at Gyms, attempt to defend Gyms, or if they participate in Pokemon Raids, which means they need to heal and revive.

There are only a handful of items that you can use to heal your Pokemon. The way you go about unlocking these items comes down to exploring your local neighborhood or relying on friendly gifts from other Pokemon Go players on your friend list. All are viable options, and knowing how to do it is important. Here’s what you need to know about how to heal and revive your Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

All Healing Items & How They Work in Pokemon Go

How healing works in Pokemon Go
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You can use Potions, Super Potions, Hyper Potions, or Max Heals on your Pokemon if they need to be healed in Pokemon Go. However, if they have zero hit points, you will need to use a Revive or a Max Revive to wake them up.

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You cannot use any of the potions if a Pokemon is at zero hit points, and the same goes for using any of your revives if a Pokemon has a few hit points. These items only work in specific conditions. Any of the potions you use in Pokemon Go will heal for a specific amount, whereas a standard revive will bring a Pokemon back to half its hitpoints, and a Max Revive brings a Pokemon to its full hitpoints.

Here’s a full breakdown of all the potions you can find in Pokemon Go and how many health points they give back to a Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Healing ItemHealing Amount
Potion20 hit points
Super Potion50 hit points
Hyper Potion200 hit points
Max PotionFull restore

How to Get More Healing Items & Revives in Pokemon Go

The best way to track down more healing items and revives in Pokemon Go is to spin PokeStops, receive gifts from friends, complete Pokemon Go raids, defeat Team Rocket grunts and leaders, or complete Special Research tasks. It’s all about questing and playing the game to get more of these items.

If you’re not playing the game too much, or you’re frequently battling against Team Rocket without traveling in your local area, it becomes more difficult to find healing items. I normally try to spin multiple PokeStops in Pokemon Go and send out gifts to friends to have a higher chance of receiving gifts from them. Many of these gifts contain healing and revives that you can use on your Pokemon.