All Pokemon Type Locations in Pokemon Go

Many Pokemon spawn in Pokemon Go based on their typing, and this guide will detail where you can find each Pokemon Type location.

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There are multiple Pokemon you can find as you travel around your local neighborhood in Pokemon Go. If you’re searching for specific Pokemon types, we can confirm they have a higher chance to spawn at particular locations, giving you a better chance of finding them.

This means if you’re looking for a Water-type Pokemon, walking close to a river or an ocean is a good idea, or to find a Bug-type Pokemon, you need to visit a forest or a local park. All Pokemon have better chances of showing in unique locations, and we’re here to help you narrow down where you need to go. Here’s what you need to know about where to find all Pokemon Type locations in Pokemon Go.

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How to Find Specific Pokemon Types in Pokemon Go

There are 18 unique types of Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Go, and each of them has a preferred location they enjoy spawning at while exploring your local neighborhood. You likely won’t have every biome in your city, but this can help you narrow down the ones you can regularly find in your local area.

Some Pokemon Types are much more difficult to track down in Pokemon Go. For example, Dragon-type Pokemon Type locations happen relatively rarely, and that means you might not have the best chances of regularly getting these types of Pokemon, outside of events. Dragon-types are the toughest catch because of how few of them there are, and they have to meet specific conditions.

These are all the Pokemon Types you can find, and each Pokemon Type Location you can tend to find them.

Pokemon TypePokemon Type Location Spawn
BugBug Pokemon tend to appear in parks, forests, and any smaller locations in cities. Parks are one of my favorite places to regularly find Bug-type Pokemon.
DarkYou can find Dark-type Pokemon inside buildings, close to cemeteries, and close to notable landmarks with indoor activities. These can be a little tricky to track down, but I’ve regularly found them during larger events and indoor locations.
DragonDragon-type Pokemon are some of the rarest spawns to encounter in Pokemon Go. Players have noticed that they typically appear close to cities or out on windy days.
ElectricYou can normally find Electric-type Pokemon close to power plants, industrial buildings, or even college campuses. Electric-type Pokemon greatly enjoy the city and busy areas.
FairyFairy-type Pokemon are another rare type of Pokemon, but they appear significantly more than Dragon-types. I would recommend seeking them out close to cities, churches, or notable monuments in your local area.
FightingFighting-type Pokemon typically appear close to sports arenas, small gyms, or parks. They’re all about working their bodies; you can typically find them near areas where you might enjoy a workout.
FireYou can find Fire-type Pokemon close to beaches, out on hot days when it’s sunny, or if it’s not raining. Fire-type Pokemon do not like being out in the rain, where you can find Water and Bug-type Pokemon.
FlyingYou can find Flying-type Pokemon in large, grassy areas, open plains, and close to farms, or they might appear out during windy days. The Flying-type Pokemon frequently appear in cities, too.
GhostGhost-type Pokemon are extremely specific in Pokemon Go and normally appear at nighttime. You will know its nighttime when you can see stars in Pokemon Go, and this is when Ghost Pokemon feel comfortable spawning in your game.
GrassYou can find Grass-type Pokemon in open fields, parks, gardens, forests, and close to the borders of cities. They actively enjoy being in an area with a lot of plants.
GroundYou can find Ground-type Pokemon close to beaches, streams, railways, or anywhere with an open field. They’re a mixture of Grass and Bug-types, appearing in multiple locations.
IceIce-type Pokemon can be complicated to track down. They have a higher than average chance to appear during the Winter months when it’s cold and snowy.
NormalNormal-type Pokemon can appear anywhere in Pokemon Go, and they typically prefer to spawn close to cities, forests, ponds, or beaches. They can appear everywhere.
PoisonYou can find Poison-type Pokemon close to swamps, parks, cities, industrial areas, or marshes. They frequently appear alongside Grass and Water-type Pokemon.
PsychicThe Psychic-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go will appear in a handful of places, but I’ve had a good chance of tracking them down in cities or near grasslands. You might have a better chance of tracking them down if they spawn during events.
RockYou can find Rock-type Pokemon in the mountains, on trails, in a park, or the wild. They might appear close to cities, but you have a better chance of encountering one in the woods.
SteelThe Steel-type Pokemon are the opposite of Rock and Grass-types, where they prefer to be in the middle of a large city, where a lot of industrial work occurs.
WaterFinally, we have Water-type Pokemon. The Water-types can appear in forests, gardens, swamps, and beaches, so long as they have a nearby water source to enjoy.