Pokemon Go Master League – Tier List for October 2023

The Master League returns to Pokemon Go, and this guide covers a tier list featuring the best Pokemon you should be using.

Pokemon Go’s Master League competition has returned. You’ll have the chance to face off against some of the best players in the game, earning a variety of rewards, but you’ll need to bring some powerful Pokemon with you to face off against them.

There are several unique Pokemon you can use against your opponents, although there are better choices than others. This guide covers a tier list of the best Pokemon you can use in Pokemon Go’s Master League for October 2023.

The Best Tier List for Pokemon Go’s Master League

Image via the Pokémon Company

When creating a team in Pokemon Go, you can only use three Pokemon. These Pokemon will need to cover a variety of types, protect each other from several weaknesses, and find a way to overwhelm an opponent. A good way to do this is to break up your team into categories of finding the best Lead, Switch, and Closer Pokemon you can use.

The Best Lead Pokemon For The Master League

The Lead Pokemon will be the first Pokemon you use against an opponent. This will be the one that begins the battle, and based on what your opponent uses, you might need to have them overwhelm an opponent or retreat. You’ll want to swap them out for your Switch choice. I normally recommend reserving at least one shield for your Lead Pokemon, and you should pick one with a high offense and semi-decent defense. These are some of the best Lead Pokemon you can use in Pokemon Go’s Master League.

SDragonite, Girtina (Altered), Groudon, Mewtwo (Shadow), Rayquaza, and Zygarde (Complete)
AGyarados, Kyurem, Meloetta (Aria), Palia, Solgaleo, and Xernas
BBuzzwole, Florges, Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Mamoswine, and Melmetal
CBaxcalibur, Dialga, Garchomp (Shadow), Snorlax (Shadow), Yveltal, and Zacian (Hero)
DLandorus (Incarnate), Latios, Lugia, Terrakion, Zarude, and Zekrom

The Best Switch Pokemon For The Master League

The Switch Pokemon is a more aggressive option. You’ll be using these to outwardly attack your opponent, hammering on their defenses, and potentially making sure your Lead Pokemon’s weaknesses are covered. Although this choice normally has higher Attack stats, you don’t want to make it an entirely a glass cannon, and keep at least one shield for this Pokemon. These are some of the best Switch Pokemon I recommend you should use in Pokemon Go’s Master League.

SDragonite, Groudon, Gyarados (Shadow), Kyurem, Mewtwo (Shadow), and Zygarde (100%)
ABaxcalibur, Haxorus, Palkia, Rayquaza, Snorlax (Shadow), and Ursaluna
BGiratina (Origin), Golisopod, Lugia, Mamoswine, Reshiram, and Xerneas
CBuzzwole, Dialga, Kyogre, Regirock (Shadow), Solgaleo, and Zekrom
DAvalugg, Goodra, Melmetal, Mew, Yveltal, and Zacian (Hero)

The Best Closer Pokemon For The Master League

Finally, we have the Closer Pokemon. As you might guess, the Closer is the last Pokemon you use against your opponent. It’s the final line of defense, ensuring you can make it over the finish line, and defeat your opponent. Of your Pokemon, the Closer should have the highest amount of defense, and the least amount of weaknesses, but you can’t always align that perfectly. Leaning more towards a higher defense stat is a good idea, though, and I don’t reserve a shield for this Pokemon, but doing so is never a bad idea. These are some of the best Closer Pokemon you can use in Pokemon Go’s Master League.

SDragonite (Shadow), Groudon, Ho-Oh (Shadow), Reshiram, Xerneas, and Zacian (Hero)
ADialga, Florges, Landorus (Therian), Lugia, Mamoswine, and Zekrom
BBuzzwole, Florges, Metagross, Ursaluna, Yveltal, and Zamzenta (Hero)
CBaxcalibur, Genesect (Chill), Gholdengo, Lunala, Melmetal, and Zarude
DKommo-o, Rayquaza, Solgaleo, Swampert (Shadow), Tapu Bulu, and Zapdos (Shadow)