Pokémon Go: The Shadow Weedle Glitch – What We Know

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There’s a probably going around that seems to be a routine problem for Niantic right before they release a new Pokémon to Pokémon Go and turn it into a shadow. The shadow Pokémon in the game have their hearts turned evil by Team Rocket, and players have the opportunity to reopen them. However, players also have the choice to keep the Shadow Pokémon and keep them in the game. Here’s what we know about the current glitch going around regarding Weedle, one of the newest Shadow Pokémon to come to the mobile game.

Shadow Weedle is expected to officially launch on Oct. 17 with other Shadow Pokémon.

What We Know about the Shadow Weedle Glitch in Pokémon Go

If many Pokémon Go players remember the issue with Turtwig from last month, they’re likely going to encounter many of the similar problems that are showing up right now.

For those who are unfamiliar with this issue regarding specific Shadow Pokémon when they first release, here’s a quick rundown on what can occur. Players are likely going to see some weird silhouettes of Weedle on their tracker, much like they would when they want to know what creatures are nearby. When they try to narrow in and encounter this Pokémon in the wild, it’s going to be a dark shape of Weedle. However, getting closer to Weedle or attempting to confront it could cause the client to crash.

Some players even had the unfortunate issue of seeing a broken Turtwig in their tracker and then crashed shortly after. At the time, Turtwig wouldn’t show up in some players’ Pokédex or had their screen turn completely blue as if they were staring up at the sky or a white screen.

This error seems to be a returning pattern for Niantic when they introduce a new series of Shadow Pokémon to the game. It initially happened with Ralts right before their Community Day in August, and then Turtwig in September right before their Community Day. It’s happening to Weedle this time around. However, it’s going to be Chimchar’s Community Day in November, which got announced earlier today.

There’s no immediate way to prevent this issue from happening. It’s all on Niantic’s side. Despite this, some players have gotten out of these problems with their game by restarting their application and rebooting it. If the problem persists, players should attempt to leave the immediate area where they found the Weedle and try to load back in when they’re gotten enough distance.

Players can expect to see the upcoming Oct. 17 update to add Weedle, among a series of other Pokémon, as a catchable Shadow Pokémon. You can have the option to catch Weedle to unlock their hearts or keep them as a Shadow Pokemon in your roster.

Hopefully, Niantic learns of this consistently persistent error and gives players a suitable solution during this update rollout. You can reference the update Niantic posted earlier this week regarding the newest stuff coming out Pokémon Go’s upcoming Halloween event.