Pokémon Go’s Research Breakthrough Pokémon for May 2020 is Shinx

Complete those PokéStop research tasks for your chance to catch Shinx.

Image via Niantic

A new month in Pokémon Go means there’s a new Research Breakthrough event giving focus to a new Pokémon. For May 2020, you can try to earn weekly stamps to earn the chance to capture Shinx.

The earn stamps for the Research Breakthrough Pokémon, you need to complete PokéStop research tasks. You can only hold on to three of them per day, but you only need to do one every day to earn a stamp. At the end of seven days, you receive a guaranteed encounter with Shinx.

Shinx is an Electric-type Pokémon. It’s the first evolved form of Luxray, which is also an Electric-type Pokémon. Shinx’s final form has a max CP of 2,888, an attack of 232, a defense of 156, and a stamina of 190. It’s only weakness is to Ground-type attacks, and it’s resistant to Electric, Flying, and Steel-type moves.

It’s a decent Pokémon to add to your collection, providing players the chance to capture this decent Pokémon that could do well in both the Great League in its secondary evolved form, Luxio, or in the Ultra League with Luxray. For every Shinx you capture through a Research Breakthrough encounter, you earn more candies than you traditionally would capturing the Pokémon in the wild.

The Research Breakthrough Pokémon encounters start on May 1 and will continue until June 1.