Pokemon Masters Where to Find and Use Your ID Code


Nintendo likes to make it a little difficult to have friends connect in their video games. The Wii was never easy to locate someone, and the ID code for the Nintendo Switch was never much better. This ID code is used in Pokemon Masters. For those who already have a Nintendo Account, you can use your existing one and transfer it over to the game when it initially starts up. Those who do not have one are going to have one made for them in the mobile game. Here’s where you find it and how to use it.

Pokemon Masters ID Code Location and Use

Where is it?

When you load into the game, you’re going to find yourself in the lobby area. You’re going to see several other trainers and Sync Pairs you encounter while playing Pokemon Masters. You’re concerned about the little device in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, the item you were given at the beginning of the game. Clicking this is going to bring up the main menu of your game where you can access your settings, profile, and your bag.

You want to click on the Friends icon. It’s going to take you to your potential friend’s list, which is likely at zero during the beginning. The ID code at the top, the 16-digit one, is what you want to share with your friends.

How to Use It

To send out friend requests, you’re going to need to know your friend’s ID code. You need to know all 16 digits. When you type it in, it should immediately take you to their profile if you got it correct.

The same goes to having them send you a request. You need to give out that 16 code so they can find you. After they do, you should be able to accept their request to play Pokemon Masters together.