Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Must-Hunt Shiny Pokemon In Teal Mask DLC

Of all the new and returning Pokemon in the Teal Mask DLC, here are 10 you need to Shiny hunt in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Teal Mask DLC adds over 100 returning Pokemon and a few new ones for players to encounter, meaning the pool of huntable Shiny Pokemon has grown substantially. And thanks to the power of Herba Mystica, Shiny hunting is still easier than ever in Kitakami.

That said, Herba Mystica can be tough to come by, meaning you’ll have to pick your hunts wisely. Luckily, a lot of the new Pokemon are Shiny-locked, so you won’t have to worry about those. Instead, here are 10 Pokemon (and a few more) that we recommend you Shiny Hunt ASAP.

Top 10 Pokemon To Shiny Hunt In Teal Mask DLC

Spinirak – A Beautiful Blue Spider

The first Pokemon on this list is also the first in the Kitakami Dex. Spinirak is a spider Pokemon that has been around since Gen 2, and it has one of the best Shiny variants in the franchise. It changes from the common green and yellow we see a lot on a lot of Bug-types and dons a cool blue and pink instead.

Spinirak is abundant in the Teal Mask, so you may stumble upon a blue spider without even using a sandwich.

Geodude – Mining For Floating Gold

Geodude has long been a fan-favorite Shiny, as its gold recoloring embodies how it feels to find a Shiny Pokemon. In a pile of endless rocks, you find a piece of sentient gold. This makes hunting for Shiny Geodude feel like a real treasure hunt.

Geodude is also very plentiful in Kitakami, so you may just trip over some gold. And while we haven’t seen it yet ourselves, there’s a chance gold Geodude will have a metallic sheen.

Slugma – A Living Pool Of Molten Mercury

I’ve always loved Slugma’s Shiny form. It reminds me of Mercury, one of the most peculiar metals on the planet, capable of melting in the palm of your hand. This is ironic because Slugma could easily burn through human flesh – what with being a living pool of molten lava.

I would hope that Shiny Slugma in the Teal Mask would have that metallic sheen that other “metal” Pokemon have. But even if it doesn’t, it is still a Shiny worth hunting.

Jangmo-o – Pink Plated Hearty Dragons

Jangmo-o and its evolutionary line are back, and they have a visual upgrade. Like many Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet, the metallic parts of their bodies (the yellow armor plating) actually have a reflective texture. The draw here is the Shiny Pink armor that the Shiny variant of Jangomo-o and its evolutions would wear.

Dipplin – Not Minecraft’s Golden Apple

Dipplin is the new evolution of Applin, joining the Grass/Dragon family of Appletun and Flapple. Except this time around, the Shiny isn’t just a green apple variant. Dipplin’s Shiny form looks as if it were dipped in gold or smothered in honey.

Sadly, you won’t be able to hunt Dippling directly. Instead, you’ll need to hunt an Applin – either in Paldea or Kitakami – and then use an item to evolve the Shiny Applin into a Dipplin.

Politoed – BIG BLUE FROG

Poliwag has a pretty lame Shiny form that only really pays off in either one of its third-stage evolutions. And while Poliwrath is a neat green color, Politoed takes it up a notch. Its green and yellow are replaced with blue and pink (sound familiar?).

This is arguably the best of the line’s four possible Shinies and is a beautiful Pokemon any Shiny hunter should be looking to add to their collection.

Phantump – Spooky, Cute, & Gorgeous

Well, we aren’t in Spooky Season just yet, but Phantump is the perfect Pokemon to hunt as the Summer descends into Fall. Not only does it fit the mood of trees changing colors, the air cooling, and Halloween decorum materializing, but it’s also a brilliant Shiny.

Its wood changes from a tree-bark brown to a ghostly white, and its leaves shift from green to orange. And this Shiny only gets better with age, as its evolution, Trevanant, carries over the same color scheme.

Poltchageist – A Hunt For A Masterpiece

Poltchageist, the convergent species that isn’t related to Polteagiest, has a lot in common with Gen 8’s haunted teacup. While its Shiny form isn’t anything too remarkable, it does come in two forms – one of which is drastically more valuable than the other.

Yes, the Phony vs. Authentic forms have returned, once again denoted by a barely visible mark on the underside of the Pokemon. This time, however, Poltchageist comes in a Masterpiece or Unremarkable form. Can you guess which one players will be hunting?

Charjabug/Vikavolt – Two Best Bugs

I know, I know… more bugs. But Charjabug and Vikavolt have incredible Shiny forms that really shine, thanks to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s updated textures. Orange Charjabug is adorable, and the texture of its eyes makes me want to stare at this bug all day.

But if orange isn’t your thing, you can always evolve the little rectangle into the super sleek silver fighter jet known as Shiny Vikavolt.

Ducklett – A Very Good Boy

Ducklett. I feel like I don’t need to say anything else.

It’s pink. It’s a duck. It waddles. It will wave at you. It quacks. It swims. It’s adorable. Go get yourself a pink duck right now; you won’t regret it.

Honorable Mentions

It’s hard to widdle down 100+ Pokemon to a top 10, so forgive me for squeezing a few more in. If you’ve hunted all of these already, or they aren’t your cup of matcha, maybe these will suit your fancy.

  • Cramorant – It’s like Ducklett, but it’s a very loud orange, and sometimes it eats Pikachu.
  • Carbink – It’s a gorgeous black shiny, but really hard to find, making it a pain to hunt.
  • Feebas – Both Feebas and Milotic have great Shiny forms, but their evo conditions are annoying enough not to make the list.
  • Koffing – Another beaut from Gen 1. This Teal Blue Shiny is gorgeous and just missed the list due to its toxic attitude.