Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to Get a Shiny Munchlax in Ogre Oustin’

Oust some ogres.

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If you’re the kind to not look up guides for a game, you may be unaware that there’s even a free shiny Pokemon to get in the Teal Mask DLC. It takes a lot of footwork, or in a more literal sense, ridework to get, but it is free. If you liked playing Ogre Oustin’ during the main story for the Teal Mask, playing it even more can reward you with a free Pokemon, one that’s new to the PokeDex as a whole, at least in this current generation.

Getting a Shiny Munchlax is relatively easy, just as long as you know the ins and outs of Ogre Oustin’. In this brief article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about how to get your hands on that shiny, including some tips concerning Ogre Oustin’ if you found yourself having some trouble the first time you gave it a go.

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How to Get the Free Shiny Munchlax

If you hadn’t noticed, or if you aren’t a shiny hunter yourself, the Pokemon that you get for free in the Teal Mask are mostly shiny-locked. With the Munchlax though, this one is the opposite case. No matter what, if you win that Munchlax at the end of Ogre Oustin, it’ll be shiny. Instead of being Munchlax colors, it’ll skip a step, having more the color palette of the Pokemon it will likely one day turn into: Snorlax. While there may not be too much to the Teal Mask in terms of DLC length, getting a free shiny Munchlax is a feat to tackle if you plan on having one for your team. It’s a simple but long-winded goal: to get the Munchlax, you’ll need to beat every difficulty in Ogre Oustin’, whether it be alone or with a few friends.

While it would be nice to be able to get this Pokemon as a gift or as a straight-up purchase, this Munchlax isn’t as easy to get as the Red Gyrardos from Gold and Silver. You will have to get very used to the Ogre Oustin’ minigame, which is why claiming the Munchlax can be a little hard. If you so desire, you can take on the entire challenge yourself, but I recommend hooking up with some friends to really make headway in the minigame. Once you clear Ogre Oustin’ Stage 10 on Hard Difficulty, talking to the worker at the counter will offer your character a shiny Munchlax.

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Tips For Beating Ogre Oustin’

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Ogre Oustin’ is a simple minigame focusing on berry gathering. To play, all you need to do is gather the berries assigned to specific balloon colors and bring the berries back to the same colored baskets. The only issue though is that any time there are berries in any one basket, Pokemon will arrive to eat them where you left them. That means you have to gather them quickly, scaring off any Pokemon nearby that are trying to reap a snack from your reward.

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Playing Ogre Oustin’ alone or with friends are two entirely different things. With a partner, Ogre Oustin’ becomes astoundingly easy. All you have to do is communicate effectively enough to have one player guard the baskets while someone else gathers berries. To play Ogre Oustin’ as effectively as you can, I have a few tips to share that can make your games a little easier for solo games:

  • Drop exact numbers: Try to fill baskets all at once. During early levels, this should be easy, since the berry requirement is low for each basket. You can do most of these easy levels in a single trip.
  • Time berry drops: As soon as even a single berry is available in a basket for a Munchlax, Greedent or Skwovet to take, they will try. So if you drop off berries, try to drop them off in large bunches rather than in small increments.
  • Keep enemies closer: If you want to do well during the late stages, try staying as close to the basket as you can. This helps ensure that you’ll be there when Pokemon start robbing your baskets.
  • Gather helpful friends: In the later parts of the difficulty curve for the minigame, the required count for berries can get to be as high as 200. This is why having friends along for the ride is almost essential.