Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Does The Shiny Charm Work in The Teal Mask DLC?

You’ll be charmed to know the answer.

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When it comes to shiny hunting, having every advantage at your disposal can help you get the Pokemon you want. Getting the Shiny Charm, even for casual shiny hunters, is that first step toward the colorful Pokemon they want. But you might be wondering, as someone eager to get into the first wave of DLC, does the Shiny Charm work anymore now that the DLC is out? Technically, the Pokedex has expanded. Is the Shiny Charm just as useful as it was before? We’ll answer that question and just a bit more for you and your shiny hunting needs.

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How Do You Get the Shiny Charm in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

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If you don’t have a Shiny Charm just yet, that’s okay! Your odds of finding a shiny Pokemon are still pretty up there, at least in comparison to older Pokemon games. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the odds for finding a Shiny Pokemon without a Shiny Charm are 1/4096. Once you have the Shiny Charm on you, your odds are halved, being 1/2048. That’s still pretty high, but there are plenty of other ways, such as the Masuda Method and Shiny Sandwiches that can help you out even further as you look for your favorite shiny mon.

To get your hands on the Shiny Charm, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to do as the game’s slogan says: catch ’em all. Or rather, at least what this game’s version Dex has. When you have a full PokeDex, show it to Jacq and he’ll be the one to congratulate you on such progress, rewarding you with a Shiny Charm. If you don’t know where to find him, he can be talked to at the academy.

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Does the Shiny Charm Work in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC?

Players are wondering that, since the Dex has technically expanded some, does the Shiny Charm still work? The answer is yes. If you’ve completed the PokeDex, you get that Shiny Charm, and nothing can turn it off. Even when you embark on your journey to other places, the expansion of the PokeDex through your expansion of the game doesn’t just suddenly take the Shiny Charm away from you or negate its effects.