Pokemon Sleep Halloween Event: Pokeween Start Date & Event Details

Fans of the Pokemon Sleep mobile game get invited to the Pokeween party with new spooky season in-game event

Pokemon Sleep Halloween

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon fans have no shortage of options when it comes to celebrating Halloween with their favorite characters. With multiple Halloween-themed events across the Pokemon gaming universe, as well as Pokeween-themed merch, you can celebrate spooky season by collecting ghost types and fun limited-edition costumed creatures all October long.

This year, we’re about to add another seasonal event to the list with the first-ever Halloween event for Pokemon Sleep, which came out in July 2023. Pokeween will be the first special seasonal event for the sleep-tracking mobile app with a Pokemon twist, and we’re here with all the details.

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When is Pokeween?

The Halloween 2023 Double Candy Research event for Pokemon Sleep will begin at 4:00 AM on Monday, October 30, and run for a full week until 4:00 AM on Monday, November 6. To engage with the event, you’ll need to conduct research on Greenglass Isle for the week because other research locations won’t trigger the event.

This will be the second in-game event in Pokemon Sleep since its July release, following Good Sleep Day, which took place in late September. Candy is the primary focus of the event, and it will also include a chance to see more ghost-type Pokemon and even Pikachu in a Halloween hat.

What Pokemon Will Appear During Pokeween?

Pokeween Art
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep fans will be seeing more ghost-type Pokemon gathered when they do their sleep research in the morning, which hopefully will include the introduction of some new creatures to the mix.

This means we’ll see how more ghost-types sleep and gather sleep data about these elusive Pokemon. We’ll also be able to potentially add them to our team by giving them tasty snacks, one of the primary ways you engage with Pokemon in the game.

In addition to the increased presence of ghost-types, players in Pokemon Sleep will have a chance to spot Pikachu in a Halloween hat.

What Bonuses Will We See During Halloween 2023 Double Candy Research for Pokemon Sleep?

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Image via The Pokemon Company

There are also exclusive bonuses available in the game during the Halloween 2023 Double Candy Research event. These include:

  • Special additional missions to earn up to 25 Handy Candy
  • Double Pokemon Candy from sleep research
  • Encounters with different sleep types regardless of your personal sleep type

In addition, the first and last days of the event will have additional boosts to these rewards, including:

  • Tripe Pokemon Candy from sleep research
  • Increased encounters with different sleep types

Additional Pokeween Event Details

Select Button notes that the event-related events will be triggered during your first sleep session of the day only. So if you’re taking a nap later in the day, you won’t earn extra candy or see more ghost-types.

Additionally, one day of the Halloween event (October 30th) overlaps with October’s Good Sleep Day event, and the event announcement confirms that players will get bonuses from both events for the duration of that day.

This will be the first seasonal in-game event for Pokemon Sleep since its release, so it will be interesting to see how it goes!