Pokemon Sleep: How to Find & Recruit Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Sleep players have the chance to find Shiny companions when they wake up in the morning. Here are some tips to find them.

Pokemon Sleep Shiny

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep offers a new way for players to collect adorable companions. Instead of running around in different fields online or exploring the outside world in games like Pokemon Go, the game prompts players to sleep, luring Pokemon in while they doze.

In addition to the new gameplay, Pokemon Sleep also introduces a new way to Shiny Hunt. While the details are still developing, it seems everyone has a chance to lure in a Shiny companion while using the new mobile game.

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How To Find a Shiny In Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep Shiny
Image via The Pokemon Company

While other Pokemon games like Scarlet & Violet or Pokemon Go use Shiny Charms and Spotlight Hours to bump Shiny odds, Pokemon Sleep doesn’t currently have those tools or events. Instead, the best chance players have of encountering a Shiny is to use an incense to increase Pokemon that spawn or to sleep a solid eight hours to maximize appearances.

If a player is uncertain if a Pokemon is a Shiny, then clicking it, its card will show some sparkles, indicating that it is a Shiny variant of its original. The best way to prepare for a Shiny hunt during the day is to Max out Snorlax’s Drowsy power, and then come nighttime, get in bed on time, and get some good sleep. By morning, players might just have a Shiny waiting for them.

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How To Recruit A Shiny In Pokemon Sleep

Recruiting in Pokemon Sleep is pretty easy, all players need to do is max out their friendship level. When a player wakes up in the morning and decides they want a certain species from their research studies for the day, simply feeding it a biscuit will recruit them to the party. There are different types of biscuits, including Master biscuits, Great biscuits, and normal Poke Ball biscuits.

Each of these Pokemon Sleep biscuits has the same power as the balls have had in other games. For example, using the Master biscuit will max out the Pokemon’s friendship bar immediately, while a Great Biscuit only raises the bar by a few points. Players will want to make sure they have biscuits collected each night before bed so that in the morning, they can recruit the one they want.