Everything We Know About Poke Jobs in Pokemon Sword and Shield


While the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer gave us two minutes of excellent material, and plenty to go through, those who watched the Japanese trailer had more on their plate. The Japanese trailer highlighted a new feature coming to the series called Poke Jobs. These Poke Jobs are going to have trainers working together with their Pokemon to finish specific tasks together. Here’s everything we know about the Poke Jobs and how they’re going to work in the new game.

Poke Jobs in Pokemon Sword and Shield

What Are Poke Jobs?

These are going tasks trainers are going to find listed out on a job board. The job board is at the Rotomi in Pokemon Centers. Trainers who approach these boards are going to see a list of available tasks, and they can choose which ones they’d like to complete. These tasks are going to have trainers sending their Pokemon out, away from their party, to clean them up. The jobs were set up by the region’s Universities and Corporations as a way to have trainers do more than roam the fields and battling one another.

These Poke Jobs are a great way to highlight how trainers do more than merely focusing on battles to provide for the region. It also mixes it up from the traditional format many are used to when it comes to Pokemon games.

How Do Poke Jobs Work?

When trainers accept one of the jobs on the board, they’re going to assign a specific Pokemon to complete the task. The Pokemon leaves the trainer’s party, or their box, to go out and work on the job. Not every Pokemon is going to do as well on the task as another would, meaning specific types of Pokemon are better suited for a task. Trainers are going to want to capture an array of Pokemon to ensure they have one for any of the Poke Jobs listed on the board. These tasks could pull them away from sticking to a specific group who solely remain in their party.

What Do They Give Trainers?

By completing a task, trainers are going to receive money for their work, and the Pokemon who performed the task is going to gain additional experience points. For any Pokemon you’re not too interested in using your traditional line-up, you can keep them active by having them performing these tasks. Not only are they going to become stronger, but you’re also going to acquire additional funds along the way.

These Poke Jobs are going to prove an excellent way for trainers to keep their options open when they want to change up any of their traditional party members. Usually, trainers who need to add a new Pokemon to their line-up have to start at a base level, below their other Pokemon. But these tasks could make things far more accessible.

We’re going to learn more as we get closer to Pokemon Sword and Shield’s release date later this year, on Nov. 15.