How to Get Galarian Corsola and Evolve it into Cursola in Pokémon Shield


Similar to Alolan forms in the previous Pokémon generation, Galarian forms make their appearance in Sword and Shield, including Koffing, Ponyta, Darumaka, and the one we’ll go over, Corsola. Here is what you need to know on how to obtain Galarian Corsola and evolve it into Cursola.

Corsola’s Location

First, you must own a copy of Pokémon Shield in order to get Galarian Corsola. (Or, trading it to someone who owns Sword is another option.) The Ghost type Corsola will be in the Wild Area called Giant’s Mirror. The weather has a huge impact on a chance of getting the Galarian Corsola, so you will it to be a cloudy day. Once you know how to change the weather, head over to Giant’s Mirror.

You just need to roam around during overcast weather until you see the white Corsola and catch it. It has a rare chance to appear, so it will take some time to finally get it. There will be a small white creature in the grass, and running into it will finally get you the Galarian Corsola. It can also be found in Max Raid Battles.

How to evolve it into Cursola


Similar to most Galarian forms, just leveling up your Galarian Corsola is the way to obtain Cursola. It needs to be at level 38 in order to evolve. It will remain a pure Ghost type as well.