Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Rita Repulsa guide – move list and strategies

It’s time to conquer Earth.

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The never-ending Power Rangers franchise began in 1993 with the villainess Rita Repulsa crawling out of a space dumpster. Almost 30 years later, Rita finally makes her entrance into the growing roster of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. With her staff and dark magic abilities, Rita has a number of ranged projectiles and aerial moves, even having the ability to float in midair for a few moments. These moves coupled with the use of her Putty Patrol give Rita the potential to put opponents in a tight spot due to the pure chaos of her moveset.

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Launch your foes into the air with Ground Current, or use it to intercept airborne opponents. If you yourself are in the air, hit up to create a wind current, letting you stay in the air for an extra second; use this evasively or to buy yourself a little more time.

  • Ground Current (Anti-Air) – Down + Heavy
  • Queen’s Ambit – (while airborne) Up


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Use Rita’s magic to zone and stun your opponent. Many of her projectiles have variants and follow-ups for different situations.

Pinwheel Chaos (Mid)


Shoot a purple orb forward; upon hitting your opponent, it will return in your direction, still damaging your opponent.

Pinwheel Chaos (Near or Up or Far)

(early during Pinwheel Chaos) Back/Up/Forward

As Rita yells “PINWHEEL CHAOS!” you can hit forward to send the orb farther, back to throw it a shorter distance, or up to shoot it diagonally upward as an anti-air measure.

Chaos Spark

Back + Special

Rita takes a small step back and tears a rift in front of her.

Royal Candle (Near or Mid or Far)

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(during Chaos Spark) Back + Special/Special/Forward + Special

As Rita verbalizes “Chaos Spark,” you can summon a large purple pillar of energy by hitting the Special button again; you can also hit back or forward to adjust the position of the pillar depending on how far your opponent is from you.

Putty Punch

Forward + Special

Rita summons a Putty Patrolman a good distance in front of her; the henchman goes on to lunge and punch whoever is in front of it.

Putty Crusher

Hold Forward + Special

By holding the Putty Punch command, the Putty Patrolman is instead flying horizontally, spinning in a corkscrew, dealing damage to enemies ahead.

Wicked Circuit

(while airborne) Special

Rita will dive forward in a downward diagonal trajectory, taunting her enemy while doing so.

Ex Special

Repulsa Blast

Light + Special

Take one bar from your Super meter to unleash a blast from her wand; it will go along the ground and send your enemy upward.


Finster’s Finest

Heavy + Special

A group of Putty Patrolmen grab your opponent and drag them into a portal, damaging them significantly. This takes up two bars of your Super meter.