PS5 bundles: preorder, prices, release dates, and games

What’s in the box?

PlayStation 5

With people being stuck inside for most of the year, it’s understood why you might find yourself everyday hunting down any bit of PlayStation 5 news. So far, it has been a desolate summer in terms of knowing when and how to acquire a new next-generation console bundle. However, Sony tends to have a particular pattern on how and when they launch their consoles. Let’s dive into what you’ll likely play out for all things PlayStation 5 bundles before they release.

When will PS5 bundles release?

There is no release date yet for the PS5 or its possible bundles, but its release window is confirmed for Holiday 2020. It does seem each week we hear of big-name IP targeting store shelves for mid-November to early December. There is one week in the thick of this period that is very suspect. During the week of November 16, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077 are set to release – with more games likely to join them.

Typically, game publishers attempt to release their games during a week where there isn’t another massive IP sequel launching. The only time this strategy is irrelevant is when it is near the launch window of a console so that players have a hefty amount of games to play on the first day of the next-generation.

So, if another major title is announced to be released during this week, we can presume the PS5’s release must be targeted near the end of November. In terms of pre-ordering the console bundles, Sony has stated that it will make consumers aware beforehand when pre-orders go live. So far, there is no date for when that can be done.

What are the prices for PS5 launch bundles?

Pricing-wise, nothing has been announced or leaked, but many industry analysts have predicted the console itself will cost more than its predecessor. An announcement of this will likely be either with or close to the reveal of the release date, as the release window becomes tighter each day.

Alongside the PS4, most bundles ranged from $449-499. For instance, the Battlefield 4 and PS Plus Launch Day Bundle went for $499, saving consumers a nice $30. If Sony continues this pattern, this would mean that PS5 bundles would likely cost $50-100 more than the base console.

What bundles will be available?

Again, we have to turn to patterns for a possible answer, as no bundles have been dispelled yet. Usually, packaged deals tend to include first-party games or third-party games that have received exclusive marketing from PlayStation. For PlayStation 4, we saw this in the form of Killzone Shadow Fall and Watch Dogs Bundles.

With this assumption, a Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 Bundle is practically guaranteed, but it is uncertain if the game will release alongside the console at launch. Godfall and Hitman 3 continue to be heavily mentioned by Sony, so it would be fitting if they also received the bundle treatment.

For now, we can only sit and imagine, as we continue to wait for Sony to deliver every juicy detail. When that finally does happen, be sure to check into this page to know about the latest and best PS5 bundles.