10 best Mouse Bungee for gamers

Manage your desk clutter and improve your mouse accuracy with the best mouse bungees you can buy right now!

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Gaming on a PC has tons of benefits but also carries its fair share of issues. For example, cord management can be a nightmare. Not only in the computer itself but also on your desk as your keyboard and mouse have to have wires connected to something.

With so many cords running across your desk, intertwining, and getting wrapped up on things, it can be a real annoyance when the cord gets snagged on something and messes up that sick headshot you were about to pop off.

There are plenty of methods to get around this and help the situation, and none are better than investing in a mouse bungee.

A mouse bungee can help keep your cord at the right length, the right amount of give, and make your experience even better. By running your wire through the bungee, you can make sure your movements are never hindered by a corner snagging you.

There are plenty of mouse bungees to choose from, and we have a list of the 10 best mouse bungees that you can buy right now to keep your gaming as good as possible.

Razer Bungee v2

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Given their near-synonymous connection with PC gaming, it’s no surprise that Razer has their own bungees, and it’s one of the best.

This bungee is sleek, coming in an all-black color and sporting the classic Razer logo on the front of the base. Speaking of that base, the weight of the base is its main draw. The weight keeps the bungee planted and still wherever you place it, meaning that it won’t budge during those intense deathmatches. The dust-resistant spring also means that you won’t have to replace it for a long time.

In terms of negatives, the clip used to secure cords is pretty sharp, which means you have to be careful with setting it up so that you don’t damage the cord. Also, thicker wires aren’t supported with it, so you will have to make sure that your cord will be able to fit with it.


The Cougar bungee is a wonderfully durable, stable, and dependable bungee to use. The rubber arm of the bungee is flexible and smooth to provide you with the freedom you need to set up for your best experience. The wire groove is adjustable, meaning that it can support multiple kinds of wires and sizes.

The bungee’s design utilizes a unique, colloid suction cup that will keep the base secured to your desk surface. It gives you added stability that can withstand even the most aggressive mouse movements, i.e., it can survive your worst rage moments.

Finally, the bungee is ultra-lightweight and can be taken with you incredibly easily. The entire thing is easy to clean, and the suction cup can be made sticky again by washing with water.

Enhance Pro

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For all of us LED-lovers, the Enhance Pro Mouse Bungee is a great choice. It’s flashy, yet compact. Meaning you can show off your style without it getting in the way. It supports seven different modes for the LED lighting, giving you plenty of options to customize with. It even has a Rainbow Mode that has colors slowly changing over time. You can even turn the lights off completely if you just want your environment to be a little more chill.

But the most intriguing part of this bungee is that it features four USB 2.0 ports that allow you to connect it to plenty of components, including mouse and keyboard, so you don’t have to run it all the way to your computer.

However, these USB ports aren’t the most reliable and aren’t as consistent as those on your PC’s back. Furthermore, the build quality isn’t as robust as other options.

Despite these setbacks, though, it is absolutely a great option.


This red-and-black product provides a straightforward yet practical solution to wire management. It comes with rubber feet that prevent it from sliding and moving around, and the grip is pretty solid. The weight is just 0.54 pounds, which makes it easy to move around.

The bungee itself has a durable build and sports an adjustable clip and spring. This means that you can choose which height you want to play with and create the most comfortable position for you. The red top head can be removed so you can clean it, which gives the bungee longevity. You also don’t have to worry about dust or dirt getting inside and building up.



For beginners looking to try out a mouse bungee, the NPET H01 is a great option. It looks good and gets the job done when you need it to.

NPET H01 features blue LED lights that are nice to look at and can be turned off. All you have to do is use the power button on the base.

The flexible silicone bungee allows the mouse to move as you need it to while keeping the cord in good condition. This means you can enjoy your competitive matches with comfort and ease.

There are four USB 2.0 ports on the bungee and features a simple plug-and-play design. You won’t have to download or install any other software to use the ports. The data transmission through these ports are good, and there isn’t any input lag.

The rubber grips on the bottom are also solid, preventing the bungee from shifting while you yank and move your mouse in different directions.

The one downside is that the build of the product is average, so the risk of damaging it is higher.

Enhance LED

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Enhance’s second showing on this list is more or less the same as the Enhance Pro. The arm is still made of flexible silicone and is very adjustable. It also will hold braided and non-braided mouse cords. It still comes with the four USB 2.0 ports to give you easier access to connect.

What sets it apart is the LED functionality. You can choose from three colors: red, blue, and green. You can select just one of them or turn them off completely. When they are on, though, they look fantastic. Especially if you have other LED’s in your setup, specifically your keyboard.

The durability of the bungee is a little questionable, but given the LED functionality and the rubber grips that keep it secure on your desk, it is great choice.

Generic Mouse Bungee

The Generic Mouse Bungee by AOBOR is the most simple option we have for you on this list.

It is simply designed and comes with no fancy features or accessories. It gets the job done by a minimal standard, but it still does what you need it to do. Luckily, though, it is compatible with almost every mouse.

Of course, some setbacks come with this bungee. It may wobble some as you move due to its lighter base. You also will probably have to adjust the wire as the clip isn’t too stable. The plastic also isn’t very durable, so the longevity isn’t great.

But you can’t go wrong if you want to just try out having a bungee and spring for another, fancier one at a later time.

Thermaltake Tt Gaming Mouse Bungee

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The Thermaltake bungee has something that really makes it stand out: its magnetic properties. It uses a magnetic head that attaches to the bungee base and holds the cables in place. The head is detachable, meaning that cleaning is a breeze.

It supports multiple kinds of mice and won’t cause you to have to change bungees should you upgrade or replace your mouse. The base’s rubber coating keeps the base stable and can withstand tons of fast, aggressive mouse movements. The device is super light and can be taken apart easily thanks to the magnetic connection.

The durability isn’t the best compared with other bungees, but if you treat it properly and care for it, it will last you several years or more.

Razer Mouse Bungee

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If you want the same basic experience of the Razer v2 for cheaper, this is a great choice. Despite being older, it is still one of the best mouse bungees on the market right now.

It is a sleek design, all black, and comes with a glossy finish. It doesn’t come with fancy accessories or capabilities, but its stability is great and features a taut spring. It really goes well with a cleaner, less-flashy desktop set-up.

It does feature the same setbacks as the v2, as it doesn’t support the thicker cords, meaning you will have to stick with thinner, smaller cords.

It’s a great, easy choice for those looking to improve their experience.

Casethrone Mouse Bungee

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The scalable design of this mouse bungee sets it apart. It features a three-stage design with a silicone head, ABS springs, and a stainless steel base.

The triangular shape of the base provides more stability with a good amount of traction. There is also an anti-slip material underneath the bungee that prevents it from moving even further. The head can be removed for cleaning and is flexible so that the metal coils can adapt to the cord’s movement. It also can support thicker cables.

It can jump off the table if moved too fast, but this is a pretty rare occurrence.

All of these bungees can improve your gaming experience drastically. They all offer you the stability, durability, and more options that you need to play your best. You can’t go wrong with any of these options!

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