Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks To Be The Best Fighter

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Tips and tricks guaranteeing you punch your way up.

image via Lazy Bear Games

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward is a fairly simple and slightly satirical take on the sports management genre. While the game does a good job explaining its systems, there are still several things that it doesn’t explain. This guide will break down the tips and tricks you need to know at the start of Punch Club 2 that the game doesn’t outright tell you.

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward Tips For Beginners

Food items can be in your inventory

One of the biggest changes in Punch Club 2 is that certain smaller food and energy items can be stored in your character’s inventory. This pairs with the fact that all bigger meals in your fridge take time to prep. So you can use inventory items to instantly replenish your health, stamina, and energy. All the items you buy from your bosses in the different workplaces go into your inventory.

image via Lazy Bear Games

Happiness matters more than you think

When you first start the game, you may be tempted to be a player who gathers as much money as you can to get a home gym set up. While this is a great long-term goal, you should be very careful to be mindful of how much you’re working, as if your happiness gets too low, your maximum health, stamina, and hunger will decrease until you fix it. Make sure you look for as many opportunities to fight as possible.

Hyperfocus is your friend

Our How To Unlock Starting Schools guide mentioned that the stat-specific paths unlock at level 12. Getting there as fast as possible is critical; the ideal way is to save money and either buy home gym equipment or train at the gym. Remember that your happiness can affect how well your training goes, so you should try to train when your happiness is green.

Save early and often

While Punch Club 2: Fast Forward does feature an autosave, it’s not very robust. It only saves once every 15 minutes. This means you could end up in situations where you mistakenly go hungry and are unable to progress in the game if you aren’t careful. We recommend that you save after every fight or stat increase.

Skills first not stats

Skills in Punch Club 2: Fast Forward are how you attack and defend yourself. While stats affect a variety of things that can change a fight, skills are the real way to progress. Better and more expensive skills will often have better base damage than any early-game move.