Rage 2: How to Unlock the Rush Ability

 Rage 2: How to Unlock the Rush Ability

Rush isn’t the most exciting upgrade you gain in Rage 2. While other abilities allow you to create force fields, toss enemies around, or launch yourself, Rush is just the ability to spring. It may not sound impressive, but it’ll still let you escape from danger, close distance on enemies quickly, or get from place to place easier. Plus, if you upgrade it, you can even turn invisible once you use it. It’s a handy tool to have in your kit, but getting it isn’t easy.

Map showing the position of Dealypipe Ark

You can find unlock Rush at Dealypipe Ark in the Sekreto Wetlands. It’s easy to reach if you start from the town of Lagooney, in the center of the region. You can approach from the water if you grab a monster truck in town, but it’s a better idea to stick to the roads and approach from the hill above the Ark to the east. Taking this route makes it a bit tougher actually to see the Ark, but you’ll see why it’s the better way when you get there.

Follow the road, keeping an eye on the waterway, and you’ll either catch a glimpse of the Ark or of the Junkmek that guards it. If this is your first tussle with a Junkmek, get ready for a pretty intense fight. The Junkmek is a walking robot that can shoot flames and launch explosives at a great distance. Engaging it from the hill above it will make it much easier to dodge its attacks, letting you use the Ark itself as a shield. To take down the Junkmek, you’ll need to target three weak points: both of its arms, and a spot in the center of its chest. It’s better to use precision weapons, like the assault rifle in iron sights mode, or weapons with lots of splash damage, like the Smart Rocket Launcher. If you’re using a precision weapon, aim for the arms first to disable its attacks, then go in for the kill with a few shots to the chest. If you’re using rockets, just fire away.

Once you’ve taken down the Junkmek, head inside the Ark to pick up Rush, there’s not much to this one: just press the sprint button when you’re already sprinting, and you’ll get a short burst of speed. Leave the Ark, and you’ll be ambushed by a couple of Authority mutants and a tough super soldier. The super soldier has a regenerating shield, so keep up the pressure by constantly attacking while using Dash to avoid his melee attacks. Or, if the fight is too much for you, use your new Rush ability to make a quick getaway.