The best food dishes to make in Ravenous Devils

What will net you the most profit?


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Ravenous Devils is all about killing people and cooking up their bodies. However, unlike the game’s inspirations, you’re free to cook a wide variety of meals from three core meat products for your patrons. This guide explains the best food dishes to cook, which aren’t always the most complex or profitable.

Best food dishes to cook quickly

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There are a few food dishes that you can cook relatively quickly in Ravenous Devils. These are perfect for when you’re in a rush. Those times when you’ve got too many customers coming in to fill up your tables and take all the food you’ve already put out. The beauty of these recipes is that they only require one or two ingredients, making them easy to put together. These are the best recipes to help you put out as much food as possible in very little time.

  • Sausage and Flour
  • Sausage and Egg
  • Cooked Sausage (1 Sausage)
  • Cooked Mince (1 Sausage)
  • Mince and Flour
  • Mince and Egg
  • Cooked Steak (1 Steak)
  • Cooked Rat (1 Rat)

Best food dishes for profit

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When you’ve got a bit more time or just want to make the most money out of your next day and wonder what to put out for customers, these recipes will see you earn more money than ever before. But, of course, tables can pay more if you feed them quickly, so these dishes are instead best for leaving out for customers who like to pop in and out.

  • Sausage, Steak, and Mince
  • Steak, Tomatoes, and Potatoes
  • Steak, Potatoes, and Onion
  • Steak, tomatoes, and Onion
  • Steak, Sausage, and Tomatoes
  • Sausage, Tomatoes, and Onion

As you can see, any recipe with three ingredients will sell for more than those with one or two. So if you’re prepping for the next day, cook as many dishes with three ingredients as you can for your counter. Always keep at least one in reserve for the tables, but you’ll make the maximum profit possible without even thinking about it with all of these dishes out on display.