Preaching Forgiveness As He Went Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

 Preaching Forgiveness As He Went Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

In the last mission Fine Joys of Tobacco, Sean and Arthur burned Gray’s field and looted a payroll wagon. Both ride back to the camp at the end of the mission. For the next main mission Preaching Forgiveness As He Went you have to find Lenny. He is sitting on a log near the lake.

Preaching Forgiveness As He Went Walkthrough

Preaching Forgiveness As He Went Walkthrough

For Gold, you have to kill 10 Lemoyne Raiders using a long scoped rifle and finish everything in 11 minutes and 30 seconds with 70% accuracy. Avoid taking health items.

Follow Lenny | Preaching Forgiveness As He Went

Lenny will tell you about a gang who is in the Civil War and they are also weapon dealers. There are possible chances that they have a pile of cash and Lenny plans to rob them. After the cutscene follows him to Bolger Glade. After a short ride, you will reach an abandoned church. Arthur will note down the location in his journal.

Follow The Wagon | Preaching Forgiveness As He Went


After a short, while you will see a wagon, follow it but maintain your distance. The wagon is heading to Shady Celle, hide your horses in the trees and you will have to silently check the location. Hide behind the wall at the entrance to get a view of the area. Use your scope to investigate the area, you will spot dynamite crates in front of the house. Now you will have two options here, Shoot the Dynamite or Send Lenny. If you pick first you will trigger a fight, and if you go with second Lenny will draw the men out.

Kill The Gang Members | Preaching Forgiveness As He Went


The second option of sending Lenny seems more logical, he will try to draw the attention of the men. Once they surround Lenny draw out your rifle and use Dead Eye to mark them. You can then shoot them out or you can also blow the dynamite crate. Lenny will hide for cover, stay where you are and keep shooting the gang members. After clearing some of them you can move inside, kill the raider with the machine on the top floor of the hose. Once you are done with the raiders walk ahead and look for weapons around the property. You will spot a wagon filled with rifles, you have to drive it away from the location.

Weapon Wagon | Preaching Forgiveness As He Went


Before you take the wagon out of the region, you can loot the bodies and check the house for items. Get outside and take drive the wagon. You will be stopped by three Lemoyne Raiders who will stop your way. You will have options Aim Weapon, Defuse and Antagonize. Defuse is not going to work here, they will try to shoot you. So activate Dead Eye and mark all three of them. Shoot to take them out instantly. If you keep talking then Lenny will start shooting.

Lenny and Arthur are riding back to the camp which is the end of this mission. You will unlock Bolt Action rifle in this mission. The next one you can play is Magicians for Sport. For starting this mission you will have to talk to Dutch.

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