Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties: Cecil C. Tucker

After last weeks bounty, Sergio Vincenza, nearly drove me to distraction with his sneaky sniper camping skills and almost cost me a PS4 controller after I was shot in the head for the umpteenth time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to get back on my horse an go hunting for a brand new Legendary Bounty, but I sucked it up, dusted off my Marshall’s coat, and got back out there, and I’m glad I did.

It took some time to do, but that wasn’t down to me or my character, Jane Doe, dying copious amounts of times as we did with Ol’ Sergio, but instead, it was more to do with the amount of help he had to hand. Look, follow me into this guide, and all will be explained.

*Obviously, Spoilers Ahead If You Haven’t Completed This Yet*

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties: Cecil C. Tucker

The Set-Up

Cecil C. Tucker is the kind of man who gives murderers a bad name. He kills women and children, before burning down the buildings he’s left their bodies in and fleeing off into the night. He’s a grade-A scumbag, and it’s down to you to bring him in to face justice.

You’ll find yourself deposited outside of Fort Brennand and, be warned; he’s not alone as he’s gone to the Lemoyne Raiders for protection, so you should expect quite a bit of resistance if you try to bring him in.

Taking Cecil C. Tucker Down

As you approach Fort Brennand, you will meet a skeleton crew of Lemoyne Raiders who you should be able to take down with little trouble at all, but this is just a taster of things to come. As you move around the place from cover to cover, you should notice that there’s a lot of explosive barrels and cases laying around. Now it’s up to you as to what you do with them. I blew them up as soon as I spotted them as I didn’t want any Lemoyne Raider getting in a lucky shot and blowing poor ol’ Jane Doe sky high, but you can leave them be if you want to as they might come in handy.

When you enter Fort Brennand, you’ll find that you’re caught in a trap, and there will be Lemoyne Raiders pouring into the place from all angles. Fortunately, there’s an old run-down building in there where you can get behind some boxes and pick off anyone stupid enough to run into your line of fire.

After you’ve cleared out the first wave of Raiders, then you will have to take care of the rest, but they’re not so gung-ho about the situation and will set the whole place on fire in an attempt to burn you alive. If you get out of there in one piece, which is easy enough as long as you move from cover to cover, you should find yourself outside, and you can start taking care of all the folks out there who want to help shuffle you off the mortal coil.

Now here is where you might run into a problem as it’s straightforward to kill Cecil C. Tucker without even knowing you did it. Usually, when you shoot a Legendary bounty their kind enough to roll around the floor in agony until you get the chance to lasso them and take them in alive but not our Cecil. He goes down like a sack of potatoes dropped out an eight-story window, but don’t panic!!! It doesn’t matter. It even says on his Bounty Poster that “Dead or Alive” the reward will be paid in full so you won’t lose any money killing this piece of crap.

When everyone else is as dead as Cecil, or if you managed not to blow Cecil’s brains out, then stick him on the back of your horse and head off to the nearest jail.

Taking Cecil C. Tucker In

This is the usual case of just riding hell for leather and having to fight off members of the now, very annoyed, Lemoyne Raiders, but there is a slight mix up to it this week. They don’t just come after you on horse-back this time; they lay in wait on your route and ambush you. This shouldn’t be a problem for any self-respecting Bounty Hunter, but it’s a nice change from the usual ride around in circles shooting people in the face element that these have had.

When you finally get to where you’re going, drop Cecil off and collect your reward. Just remember that it doesn’t matter if he’s breathing or not.

Final Thoughts

Well, after last week’s a-hole of a mission, it was nice to get back to some good ol’ fashioned Bounty hunting without having to worry about taking a surprise rifle bullet to the head. Cecil C. Tucker is a horrible individual, and just the sort of bad guy that makes games worth playing and the Lemoyne Raiders are more than a worthy adversary, as they do their damndest to keep him alive.

The ambush in Fort Brennand, though telegraphed, was a nice touch, and with the lead flying, it did feel as if you’d jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. It’s also cool that they don’t punish you for killing Cecil. You don’t lose any of the bounty rewards, and your morality scale doesn’t take a hit of any kind, proving, I believe, that even Rockstar knew what a scuzz bucket of a character they’d created.

I’m looking forward to next week’s Legendary Bounty a lot more than I was looking forward to this one thanks to Cecil C. Tucker and with Halloween right around the corner who knows what Red Dead Online has up its sleeve.

Zombie John Marston, anyone?