Red Dead Online: Collector Kits

I’ve already looked at what is available to you if you follow the Bounty Hunter path and now, in the second of three guides, I’m going to be taking a look at what you can buy as you work your way through the ranks as a Collector.

Treasure hunting is the name of the game here and after you’ve visited Madam Nazar and either bought the Collector’s Pouch for 15 Gold or had it given to you free as you were sensible enough to follow this brilliantly written guide. It shows you all the locations for the 54 Playing Cards in GTA Online; you’re free to head off across the Wild West and find all that filthy lucre.

Nothing comes cheaply in Red Dead Online, and there’s no exception here, but if you want to be the best Collector you can, then you’re going to need to fork out the money to get the best of the best. From horses to wagons to brand new outfits, here is a guide to each kit, what it holds, and just how much each item is going to set you back.

Red Dead Online: Collector Kits

Red Dead Online Collector

Novice Kit

  • Pennington Field Shovel: $350.00
  • The Wentworth Outfit: $250.00
  • Webster Gun Belt: $100.00
  • Two Criollo Hores: $150.00
  • Voyager Buckle: 4 Gold
  • Lancaster Repeater Variant: $350.00

Promising Kit

  • The Wallingford Outfit: $348.25
  • Collector Saddle Bag: $125.00
  • Witford Compass: 4 Gold
  • Refined Binoculars: $450.00
  • Aguila Machete: 6 Gold
  • Metal Detector: $700.00
  • Collector Camp Theme: $700.00

Established Kit

  • Webster Holster: $75.00
  • The Gladewater Outfit: $446.75
  • Lantern: $350.00
  • Balloonist Googles: 9 Gold
  • Tied Bandana: 2 Gold
  • Volcanic Pistol Variant: $500.00
  • Two Criollo Horses: $550.00

Distinguished Kit

  • “Look To The Distance” Emote: $200.00
  • The Londonderry Outfit: $545.00
  • Two Criollo Horses: $950.00
  • Expedition Hat: 6 Gold