Red Dead Online Money Guide | How To Make $500 And 1.3 Gold Bars Every 3 Hours

 Red Dead Online Money Guide | How To Make $500 And 1.3 Gold Bars Every 3 Hours

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Some of the important items in Red Dead Online (aka Red Dead Redemption 2 Online) carries a higher price tag and players are unable to purchase it as you don’t have enough money in their account. This is just one part of the problem, making money quickly and easily is the biggest hurdle in Red Dead Online. In this guide, we are going to show a way to make close to $500 and 1.3 Gold Bar Every 3 Hours in Red Dead Online. So let’s get started.

Red Dead Online Easy Money Guide - How To Make $500/3 Hours

How To Make $500 Every 3 Hours In Red Dead Online

Please Note: This method requires you to resetting your character plus you have to play Red Dead Online Story Missions multiple times. Just wanted to clear things up first up so that you are ready for the grind that is coming your way.

Steps To Make $500 And 1.3 Gold Bars/ 3 Hours In RDR2 Online

  • Step 1: Complete 6 Main Story Missions in Red Dead Online. Your character will reach Level 8 and you will have close to $450 in your account, and 0.7 Gold Bar.
  • Step 2: Either continue with your next step or continue playing to reach character Level 10 which will grant you access to complete the Treasure Map I would advise you to go with Level 10 and Treasure Map option as it will net you $100 and few gold bars.
  • Step 3: Now you have to delete your character. To do that PRESS START, select PLAYER, and HOLD SQUARE/X to delete your character. What this step will do is the money and gold bar will carry over to your new character – this has also been a feature in GTA Online. Please NOTE: Stats of your deleted character won’t carry over to your new character.
  • Step 4: With your new character repeat Step 1 to Step 3.

It takes around 3 hours (per character) to complete all 6 story mission. This means you will be making around $500/3 Hours and 1.3 Gold Bars/3 Hours (repeat this as many time as you want ). This is possibly the best and quickest method to make money in Red Dead Online at the moment, and YES, I agree it will involve investing a lot of your time.

This method was shared by YouTuber “LegacyKillaHD” with our friend at RockstarIntel. Check out our other Red Dead Online Money Making guide – it details 5 best way to make money quickly in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online.

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