How to cook multiple pieces of meat at once in Red Dead Online

Giddyup, chef.

Image via Rockstar

When you’re out in the wild in Red Dead Online, it’s important to keep your cores up. Your health, stamina, and dead eye cores determine how quickly each of those stats will regenerate. Players can boost their cores by eating provisions like canned beans or dried jerky. But the best provisions are the ones that players actually make themselves. All that big game that players hunt can be turned into stat-boosting provisions, but the process is slow. Thankfully, there is now a way to cook multiple pieces of meat at once, tripling your production.

Buy Outlaw Pass No. 4

It sucks to say, but this ability is locked behind a paywall. Players who want to speed up their provision production will have to spend 40 Gold Bars picking up the game’s latest Outlaw Pass. Once you have it, get to level two and you’ll unlock a skill pamphlet that will teach you how to cook more meat over the campfire.

Read your new skill pamphlet

Something that Red Dead: Online never explicitly says is that to get skills, you have to actually read the skill pamphlets. You can find them in the documents section of your satchel. Once you’re there, press the button to read the pamphlet. Take half a minute for the game to know that you’ve read the pamphlet and you should be set.

Get to a campfire and cook

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’re finally ready to be a master chef/cowboy. All you have to do is head to the nearest campfire and start cooking. Once you’re on the crafting screen, you’ll find a new prompt above all the others that will let you change the amount of meat you’re cooking at once.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to cook 20 slabs of prime beef at a time. Instead, you can grill up to three pieces of meat at once, a sizable increase that should make cooking up provisions much faster.