Red Dead Online infamous bounties guide: Cavendish Allen

Time to take down a cult in Red Dead Online

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Everyone needs a leader, even criminals and crazies. Bandits and outlaws have their leaders, and similarly, the few cults spread across the world of Red Dead Online have theirs. While it’s never named, there is a cult that players fight against in Red Dead Online as an infamous bounty. Eventually, that means going after the cult’s leader. Here’s how you can take down the so-called man of god, Cavendish Allen.

Pick up the prestigious bounty hunter license

To tackle this infamous bounty or any others you’ll need yet another license. The prestigious bounty hunter license grants players access to all infamous bounties, three extra legendary bounties, and 10 more levels in the bounty hunter role. To purchase it, bring 15 gold bars to any bounty board across the west, then simply follow the prompts to pick it up.

Track down Cavendish Allen

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The hunt for Cavendish Allen starts in Valentine, where you can find his bounty poster. Once you start the mission, you’ll be told that Allen’s actions have already attracted other bounty hunters. Follow the track to his last known location. Once you get there, you’ll find a bunch of dead outlaws, a couple of bounty hunters, and Allen in a prisoner carriage. Loot the defeated outlaws for some quick cash or collectibles if you’re lucky, then mount your horse, it’s time to escort a bounty.

Ferry Allen to prison

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While you weren’t the first one to get to Allen, that doesn’t mean you’re not getting anything. The bounty hunters that have captured him instead ask for your help in delivering the cult leader. You can either ride on the carriage or stick to your horse. In this case, it may be better to stick to your horse as you’ll have access to your entire armory and more ease of movement. Whatever you do, get ready for a bit of a ride.

As you guide the bounty hunters, you’ll be assaulted by groups of cultists. There are never too many of them, three to five at the most, but they can still deal some damage. What you really want to worry about here though is the health of the carriage driver. If he goes down, you’ll have to drive Allen all the way to the prison in Valentine and fend off attackers. Protect the carriage driver all the way to Valentine for your reward.