Red Dead Online infamous bounties guide: Mae Stanton

Trick an outlaw into the arms of the law with this guide.

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There are plenty of criminals for the law to worry about across the west in Red Dead Online. Players can help them out by becoming bounty hunters. These players can hunt down outlaws of all stripes. However, infamous outlaws are a particularly nasty bunch. They’re groups of criminals that work together, murdering and robbing their way across the west. One such group is The Three Widows. Here’s how you can take down one of these femme fatales, Mae Stanton.

Purchase the prestigious bounty hunter license

Like many things across the West, you’ll have to grease someone’s palms if you want it. In this case, players will have to pay Rockstar a bit more. Infamous bounties are locked behind a small paywall of 15 gold bars. Take this ransom over to any bounty board and follow the following prompts to pick up the prestigious bounty hunter license. This scrap of paper will let you hunt down any outlaw across the West, including a few extra legendary bounties.

Track down Mae’s escape coach

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When you go after Mae, she’ll already know you’re coming. In fact, she’s getting ready to get out of the state. To stop that, the game has players track down the coach she’ll be using to get away first. It’s a long ride, but once you get to it, you’ll come across a couple of enemies. Take them out however you’d like and steal the coach. Once you do, it’s another long ride to Mae’s hideout.

Play along and keep your cool

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Once you arrive at her hideout, pull over so that one of Mae’s guards can search the cart. Once they give you the all-clear, move up to the large house so Mae can get on board. She may think she’s escaping the law, but instead, you’re bringing her right to a sheriff. Take the ride to Valentine to hand her in. Make sure your horse is following you this whole time. It may seem pointless for now, but you’ll need another ride.

Make sure Mae doesn’t get away

Once you get close to Valentine, Mae will realize what’s happening. In a panic, she’ll hop off the cart and start running. Don’t let her get away, though — chase her down and tie her up. This is where your horse comes into play. You can’t load Mae onto the coach anymore, so instead, put her on your horse and ride off to claim your bounty.