Where to find the legendary foxes in Red Dead Online – Marble, Ota, Cross Fox

What did the fox say? Definitely not “come catch me here.”

Red Dead Online Naturalist Role

image via Rockstar

With the introduction of the Naturalist role in Red Dead Online, players are encouraged to explore Rockstar Games’ lush western world even more thoroughly and to study the abundant wildlife you can find throughout the diverse biomes in the game. Acquiring the Naturalist role will introduce new Legendary animals as well. Since this is a Rockstar game that means you can, of course, go out and blast these new rare species away, but you can also study them more peacefully if you wish.

There are many new legendary animals out there, and a few of those are rather adorable foxes—there are three of them, to be exact: the Marble, Ota, and Cross fox. If you’re going to progress the Naturalist role, you’re going to have to find them at some point. Here are their locations.

Where to find the Marble Fox

Red Dead Redemption 2 marble fox

The Legendary Marble Fox can be found deep in the north of RDO‘s map. To find the Marble Fox, head to Ambarino and search around the Spider Gorge, especially up around where the river forks. Keep in mind, there are wolves around here who can interfere with your search for the fox. It can take quite some time (and might require reloading the session to get it to spawn), but eventually you should be able to find the Legendary Marble Fox in this area. Once it is near, you will see a golden paw print on your map. It will probably be running away from you, since this critter is a quick one, so head after it as soon as you can.

Where to find the Ota Fox

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The Legendary Ota Fox can be found in the south, due west of Rhodes and along the banks of Flat Iron Lake. If you look at your map, you will see a boot-shaped cove. The legendary Ota Fox tends to spawn on the spit of land just north of that boot-shaped cove.

Where to find the Cross Fox

Red Dead Redemption 2 cross fox

The Cross Fox is a cute one, but can be a nightmare to find. You’ll have to spend some time searching the Bayou Nwa area in between Rhodes and Saint Denis. If you search among the swamps between the railroad tracks and roads, you should eventually be able to find this slippery sucker. While its spawn is inconsistent, we’ve found that the Legendary Cross Fox tends to hang around the trees, specifically.

When searching for Legendary Foxes, always make sure you’re paying attention to your map and looking out for that golden paw. In addition, use the Legendary Animal Pheromones that you can buy from Harriet to increase your chances of coming across one of these furry fellas. Eagle vision makes it much easier to see and track one as well. Nevertheless, keep in mind that respawn rates for Legendary Animals is extremely slow and there is a lot of inconsistency with getting one to appear in your world. You might need to rejoin a server if you’re having trouble.