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Red Dead Redemption 2
Image via Rockstar Games

Banking, the Old American Art Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In Banking, the Old American Art Walkthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, Dutch and his gang will rob a bank, but things will not go as planned he will lose some of his comrades.

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In the last mission, Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten, Dutch and his gang attacked Bronte’s mansion. Dutch killed Angelo Bronte for the sake of revenge. The next one is the ending mission of Chapter 4 – Banking, the Old American Art where Dutch and his gang plans to rob a bank.

Banking, the Old American Art Walkthrough

Banking, the Old American Art Walkthrough

For the Gold Medal, you have to crack the case without making any mistakes and complete this mission using only sidearm’s. Get 50 headshots and don’t use any health items.

The Plan | Banking, the Old American Art

To start walk into the building at the camp and you will see Hosea and Dutch discussing on the plan. The next day everyone will dress up decently and ride towards the bank. Follow your caravan, the plan is Abigail and Hosea will create a diversion. The remaining will perform a bank robbery.

Wait With Dutch For Hosea’s Distraction | Banking, the Old American Art

Once you reach the bank, hitch your horse and wait outside with Dutch. You will hear a blast after a short time and the police will march towards the direction. Equip your mask and follow your gang, once Dutch enters you will have to force the bank manager to open the vault.

Enter The Vault | Banking, the Old American Art


Walk inside the vault, you just have to beat the manager once and he will open it. You will see multiple saves inside the vault. You will have to unlock them. Rotate the vault door slowly to unlock it, you will need three combination numbers (19/72/54) to unlock the safe in the center. That is the only one you will have to loot. Walk towards your crew and you will see a cutscene.

Fight the Pinkerton’s | Banking, the Old American Art


Outside you will see Pinkerton’s caught Hosea and they will threaten to shoot him. Dutch will try to negotiate to leave his friend but Milton will eventually shoot him in the chest. This will break the fight, start shooting the Pinkerton’s. Activate Dead Eye and shoot multiple enemies once. Dutch will tell you to keep shooting. Look around the windows, don’t stay in one place. There will be a cutscene after a short while, where Dutch will call everyone. He will tell you to create an opening by placing the Dynamite on the wall. Follow his instructions, and then return to Dutch. Shoot the dynamite to break the wall.

Go To The Roof | Banking, the Old American Art


Walk through the broken wall and use the stairs just outside to climb up. You will be climbing up three levels to reach the roof, kill the enemies in the balconies outside. Take cover behind the signboards and kill the Lawmen. There will be a long fight, you will have to kill a lot of Lawmen. Target the Lawman with a machine gun, you can spot him easily from the roof. Then kill the ones who on foot. In the next cutscene yo,u will see Dutch and other gang members coming up on the roof.

Follow Lenny across the rooftop | Banking, the Old American Art


Follow Lenny across the roof, but as you start following you will see he will be shot by the Lawmen. Kill the Lawmen and follow Dutch. You will be jumping across the allying trying to make your way out alive. The plan is to stay low and move one at a time. Once Dutch starts moving to follow him on the roofs, sneak into a broken window. Dutch will suggest everyone stay low till nightfall and then escape the city.

Follow Dutch | Banking, the Old American Art

Quietly follow Dutch, the mini-map you will see is flashing red that means there are guards all around. Stay back and wait for Dutch’s order. Just keep following him quietly and stay right behind Dutch to avoid the guards. You will pass through the train carriage, hide behind the seats if you see a guard. Once again start moving and go left. Dutch will stop behind the wall, to move forward Dutch will ask you to attract the guards in the yellow region. Just whistle and hide. You can walk all the way round by hiding below the crates and continue to follow Dutch.


You will reach another stop where you will a group o Pinkertons in your way. To distract them Charles will sacrifice himself, he will run in front of them and they will try to chase him. This is your chance to pass and enter into the boat. On your way, you will discuss the gang members you lost. Dutch will convince the captain about his new destination.

The captain will agree to help Dutch and his gang, the new destination is Northern Cuba. Micah will point towards the mountains in distant, the ship will hit a storm and all will be separated. This is the end of the mission. You can read our walkthrough on the first mission of Chapter 5 Guarma – Welcome To The New World.

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