Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

 Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

In the previous mission Country Pursuits, to attack Bronte’s mansion Dutch found a man Thomas who can show him through the waters a passage for his plan. While meeting him Thomas asked Dutch to find his business partner Jules who was attacked by a giant Alligator. After saving him return to Thomas for the next main mission Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten. In this main mission, Dutch and his gang will attack Bronte’s mansion and kill all the guards. Later you have to take out Bronte and Dutch will decide what to do with him.

Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten Walkthrough

Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten Walkthrough

For earning Gold Medal for this objective enter Bronte’s mansion and search every room next once you catch him carry him to the skiff within 1 minute and 30 seconds. You will have to get 20 headshots and complete the mission without taking health items.

Meet Dutch At Lagras | Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten

To start the mission ride back to Lagras where you will find Dutch and gang members. All will hop into a skiff and Thomas will take them towards Bronte’s mansion. Exit the boat and follow John. To hop over the wall press Square or A.

Follow John | Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten


Crouch and follow John, Dutch will tell to shot when you see it. If you don’t take the first John will shoot. Keep following John, once you spot the guards. Take a cover and shoot the guard. This will break the fight, now you will be killing a lot of guards in the mansion. Check the mini-map for their direction. Most of them will be at the entrance. Use Dead Eye for headshots. Keep moving ahead till you clear all the guards outside.

Break Into Bronte’s Mansion | Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten


Once you are done with the guards outside, break the door and enter the mansion. Shoot the lock to open it. Keep your rifle ready, as soon as you open there will be guards firing on you. Use Dead Eye here to kill multiple enemies. You can see the mansion area in the mini-map and the threat indicator. To meet one of the gold requirements you will have to search every room. Go upstairs, you will see the yellow region in the map. This is the place where you will find Bronte.

Take Bronte To Dutch | Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten

You will reach a bed room that will trigger a cutscene where Bronte will try to shoot you. But he is out of bullet and he will apologize for this action. Carry him to Dutch, you can shoot the remaining enemies using a pistol. Follow Dutch outside the house, and you will have to kill more. At one side you will be carrying Bronte and on the other, you have to fight the guards. This is the place where Dead Eye will be very useful.

There will be cutscene once you reach near the boat, all will hop in. Dutch and Bronte will have an argument, Dutch will kill him and feed him to the alligators. This is the end of the mission. You can read our walkthrough on the ending walkthrough of Chapter 4 – Banking, the Old American Art. To start this mission talk to Dutch at the camp.

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