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In the last mission Welcome To The New World Arthur, Dutch and his gang members united after sea storm and got some help from a rebel to get themselves free. In the next main mission, Savagery Unleashed Arthur will be captured and tortured by Fussar’s men, he will have to free himself and also other prisoners.

Savagery Unleashed Walkthrough

Savagery Unleashed Walkthrough

For Gold Medal, you will have to free all the workers in 4 seconds, get 8 headshots, and complete everything within 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

Look around for a means of escape | Savagery Unleashed


The rebel who helped in the last mission took the gang to a camp for resting. Once you are awake follow the yellow icon on the map that will take you to a man hanging on a tree. Arthur will faint after getting shot by a dart. You will see he is getting beaten by a man who is repeatedly asking who you are and what are you doing here. Arthur will manage to stay he is an American and his name is Leviticus Cornwall. He will stop beating Arthur and start talking to the next prisoner. You will have to free yourself from the chair, press RT or Triangle to get yourself free from the chair.

Follow Leon | Savagery Unleashed


The scene will switch to slow motion, after pinning him down beat the man. For Gold, you will need to free all the prisoners in 4 seconds. In the cutscene you will see Arthur free the two prisoners, after releasing they follow Leon. He will tell you to go slow, you have to sneak behind the guards. Just follow Leon’s instruction, you will not have to kill anyone here. In the mini-map you can see the guard’s position, don’t worry about them just follow Leon.

Kill the Hangman| Savagery Unleashed


After sneaking behind the guars you will see three hanging prisoners. First, shoot the Hangman, and then activate Dead Eye and lock all three ropes. Shoot them once to save the prisoners. Hearing the gun sound the guards will be alerted and this will break into a fight. Hide behind the pillars, and shoot the guards. For the Gold Medal, you will need 8 headshots. After killing all release the tied prisoners.

This is the end of the mission, in the cutscene, you will see Arthur will free the prisoners and Baptiste will introduce himself, he will also tell you that he will arrange a ship for Arthur and his friends to get out of the island. The next mission Hell Hath No Fury starts directly after this. But before this, you can read our walkthrough on A Kind and Benevolent Despot because if you continue with Hell Hath No Fury then you can miss it. To start the mission talk to Dutch by the waterfall.

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