Remnant 2: All Relics, Where to Find Them & How to Upgrade Capacity

Relics are a vital item you will need in order to survive Remnant 2, and there are few you can find while you explore the game.


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Relics are a vital part of surviving Remnant 2, as they provide healing and additional benefits for players who need to recover or power up while dealing with enemies or taking on a boss battle. There are multiple Relics to find in Remnant 2, each with different uses that can benefit players and their builds, and be a lifesaver in tough situations.

This guide will give you all the details on Relics, what they do, and where you can find them in Remnant 2.

** Given the random nature of Remnant 2, locations and items may not be in the same areas we have listed, and as such may require you to explore the world further. We will continue to update this guide as new info becomes available**

What are Relics in Remnant 2

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Relics are the primary consumables that players will use to heal and gain bonuses in Remnants 2. These items are limited to a set amount of charges, starting at three, which can be increased via upgrades.

There are several kinds of Relics, each offering different effects and are found in different locations and realms. Some like the Dragon Heart provide straightforward healing, while others may grant healing over time and additional benefits like generating Mod power or providing a shield. Using Relics will also activate certain perks in the player’s Archetype, providing even more uses and perks for using this item.

How to Upgrade Your Relic Capacity in Remnant 2

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At the start of Remnant 2, you will only have three charges of your Relics before you need to restock, which is done by interacting with a World Stone or Checkpoint.

It is possible to upgrade your capacity with the right resources and by speaking with the correct NPC. You’ll need to speak with Wallance in Ward 13, and you will need 1000 Scrap, 10 Lumenite Crystals, and a Simulacrum to upgrade it. This upgrade applies to the Relic slot itself, not individual Relics, so you will be upgrading the capacity of every Relic you have or find in the game.

All Relics in Remnant 2

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Below we have listed all the Relics you can find in Remnant 2, with details on what bonuses they provide for players and where to find them in the game.

Relic NameDescriptionEffect
Remnant_2_Dragon_HeartDragon HeartFound while exploring The Old Ward during the opening of the game.On use, heals 70 Health over 0.5 seconds.
Remnant_2_Runed_HeartRuned HeartFound in the Labyrinth realm.On use, increases Health Regeneration by 5 and generates 500 Mod Power over 10 seconds.
Remnant_2_Blooming_HeartBlooming HeartFound either in The Expanding Glade, or in the Imperial Garden behind an illusory Wall in Yaesha.On use, heals the user for 35% of caster’s Max Health over 5 seconds. Spawns 3 Healing Orbs which grant 35% of caster’s Max Health over 5 seconds. Orbs last 20 seconds. Recasting removes previous Orbs.
Remnant_2_Crystal_HeartCrystal HeartFound in the N’Erud Realm and is rewarded from the Loose Fuse Event.On use, regenerates 100% of Max Health over 10 seconds, Movement Speed is reduced by 50%, and incoming damage is reduced by 25%. Lasts 10 seconds.
Remnant_2_Decayed_HeartDecayed HeartFound in Corrupted Harbor, Root Earth realm past the first open area through brambles at the end of the corridor.On use, causes the next 3 instances of enemy damage taken to trigger 40 Health regeneration over 3 seconds. Lasts 30 seconds.
Remnant_2_Enlarged_HeartEnlarged HeartCan be purchased from Cass in Ward 13 for 1,250 Scrap (Randomly appears in their store).Innate double use speed. On use, heals 140 over 0.5 seconds. Relic capacity is halved.
Remnant_2_Lifeless_HeartLifeless HeartEat 3 Fruit of Death, found in The Forbidden Grove in Yaesha realm when wearing the Ravager’s Mask and going to the statue at the area’s beginning.On use, heals 30 Health over 0.5 seconds. Relic capacity is doubled.
Remnant_2_Constrained_HeartConstrained HeartCan be purchased from Cass in Ward 13 for 1,250 Scrap On use regenerates 20 Health per second for 5 seconds and grants 2 Stacks of Bulwark while heal is active.
Remnant_2_Pulsing_HeartPulsing HeartFound in Endaira’s End dungeon in Yaesha realm, hidden behind an invisible wall during the maze puzzle towards the final room of the dungeon.On use, pulses every 3 seconds, healing allies within 7m for 20 Health over 0.5 seconds per pulse. Lasts 15 seconds.
remnant 2_Quilted_HeartQuilted HeartFound in Brocwhithe Quarter, Losomn realm as a reward for returning two Dran children to the Orcale of the Dran Orphanage and listening to all the side dialogue.Does not provide standard healing. On use, negates Stamina Drain and cause Evades to heal for 15 Health over 0.25 seconds. Lasts 20 seconds.
remnant 2_Reprocessed_HeartReprocessed HeartFound in the Labyrinth solving the Portal Inertia event.On use, converts 5 Health to 40 Mod Power per second for 25 seconds for Both Weapons. Cannot die from conversion.
Remnant_2_Resonating_HeartResonating HeartFound in Ashen Wasteland, Root Earth realm On use, regenerates 50% of Max Health over 5 seconds. When heal ends, any overhea| Health is Doubled and awarded over the next 20 seconds.
Remnant_2_Ripened_HeartRipened HeartFound by getting the Thaen Seed in Yaesha and planting the seed in Ward 13 and letting it grow over a few days.On use, heals 35 Health over 0.5 seconds and an additional 70 over 5 seconds.
Remnant_2_Salvaged_HeartSalvaged HeartCrafted at Drzyr Replicator in N’Erud realm.Innate 50% Use Speed bonus. On use, heals 30 Health over 0.25 seconds and restores 300% of current Grey Health.
Remnant_2_Shielded_HeartShielded HeartFound in the Tower of the Unseen in N’Erud realm.On use, grants a Shield for 100% of Current Health. Lasts 20 seconds or until Shield is removed by damage.
Remnant_2_Siphon_HeartSiphon HeartFound in N’Erud realm as a reward for giving the Custodian the Shining Essence Echo.On use, grants 10% of dase damage dealt as Lifesteal for 10 seconds.
Remnant_2_Tormented_HeartTormented HeartFound in Losomn realm as a reward for sacrificing the Override pin to the Nightweavers WebInnate 20% Use Speed bonus. On use, deals 420 Explosive damage to enemies within 10m and Lifesteals 25% of damage dealt.
Remnant_2_Tranquil_HeartTranquil HeartCrafted by Nimue in Losomn realm by giving her the Tormented HeartPassively grants 2 Health Regeneration per second. On use, doubles All Health Regeneration for 15 seconds.
Remnant_2_Unsullied_HeartUnsullied HeartFound in the Beatific Palace, Losomn realm by combining Faerin’s and Faelin’s Rings, making the One True King Sigil, and equipping it and standing at the statue near the night/day lever.On use, heals for 100% of Current Health over 0.5 seconds.
Remnant_2_Void_HeartVoid HeartFound in Alepsis-Taura in N’Erud realm after finishing the Seeker’s Keys quest and killing Sha’Hala, then talking with the Custodian. Using the Override Pin instead will prevent access to the area needed to get this Relic.On use, reduces incoming damage by 50% for 4 seconds. When buff ends, heals 100% of missing Health over 0.75 seconds.