Remnant 2: All Materials & How to Find Them

Resources are critical for you to find throughout your time in Remnant 2, and this guide shows you where to find them all.

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You’ll come across several out-of-this-world materials and resources while you explore the many biomes in Remnant 2. These materials are not only useful to craft special weapons, but you can also trade them in with key characters back at the ward who can offer you extremely useful items.

Finding these materials can take a good amount of time, and we’ve been tracking them all down to make it easier for you to find them. Here’s what you need to know about all the materials you can find in Remnant 2 and how to get them.

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Every Material & Where to Get Them in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Materials
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The materials in Remnant 2 come from the many locations you explore as you progress through the game. Some of them are much more common than others, where you’ll find select ones from defeating specific enemies, and others are found just laying on the ground in the world. The materials you find on the ground have to do with the world’s overall power level, which should be reflected on your character’s overall power level.

These are all of the materials you can find while playing Remnant 2, and where you can locate them.

Material ItemMaterial NameWhere to Find The Material in Remnant 2
Agnosia DriftwoodYou can acquire the Agnosia Driftwood after defeating Legion, which has the chance to appear on Yaesha in the Twisted Chantry.
Blood Moon EssenceThe Blood Moon Essence is a type of material you can only find on Yaesha in Remnant 2. It exclusively appears during a Blood Moon, and you will need to shoot the purple orbs that you see.
Crimson MembraneThe Crimson Membrane is acquired from choosing to kill the Ravager on Yaesha.
Conflux PrismThe Conflux Prism is a boss item that drops off the Labyrinth Sentinel, which you can locate in the Labyrint biome in Remnant 2.
Corrupted Lumenite CrystalsThe Corrupted Lumenaite Crystals appear off of elite enemies in Remnant 2. These characters have a chance to appear as you explore the various worlds, but from our experience, they don’t always appear in every world. You may need to reroll your world to find these enemies and check in hidden locations.
Cordyceps GlandThe Cordyceps Gland is a boss item that drops off of the Mother Mind. You can find Mother Mind while exploring the Yaesha biome in Remnant 2.
Cracked ShellThis is a crafting material you can find while exploring N’Erud. You will need to defeat the Primogenitor in the Hatchery.
Escalation CircuitThis is a crafting material you can find on N’Erud.
Eidolon ShardThe Eidolon Shard is a World Boss item that drops off of Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud. You can find them after finding the two Seeker Artifacts in Remnant 2, and unlocking the final area.
Forged IronForged Iron is the more improved resource that you’re going to use to improve your weapons in Remnant 2. It’s harder to find than the standard Iron, and you need to be a higher power level to find it, which has the chance to appear on the ground, or is dropped by elite enemies.
IronIron is the most common crafting resource you can find in Remnant 2. It frequently drops at all levels in the game, and is a core ingredient for many of the weapon upgrades you make in the game.
Lumenite CrystalLumenite Crystals are slightly more difficult to track down, but they’re not too difficult to find in Remnant 2. You can locate them after defeating an elite enemy that drops into you while exploring one of the biomes, or when you’re exploring a dungeon.
Medic PinThe Medic Pin is an Archetype Item. You can purchase it from Dr. Norah, in the Ward in Remnant 2. After you have the item, you can use this to unlock the Field Medic Archetype.
Old Metal ToolThe Old Metal Tool is n Archetype item you can find in Remnant 2. This is an item you can purchase from Reginald “Reggie” Malone in the Ward. This unlocks the Champion Archetype.
Relic DustRelic Dust is another common item you can find in Remnant 2. You can find it nearly anywhere, and you can exchange it with Dwell to craft specific Relic Fragments.
Rusty MedalThe Rusty Medal is an Archetype item you can purchase from Brabus, the Arms Dealer in Remnant 2, and you can find him at the Ward. You can use this to unlock the Hunter Archetype.
ScrapScrap is an extremely common item that you can find in Remnant 2. It has the chance to drop nearly anywhere, from defeating common enemies, elite foes, destroying boxes, or opening crates. It’s the common currency, and an item you frequently trade away.
Seeker ResidueThe Seeker Residue is a boss item that you can find while exploring the N’Erud realm in Remannt 2. You need to defeat The Astropath to locate it.
Shining Essence EchoThis is material you can receive after defeating Tal’Ratha on N’Erud. You can choose to give it to The Custodian, or you can give it to the Drzyr Replicator to make the Void Idol.
SimulacrumSimulacrum is the one of rarer materials you can find in Remnant 2. It does not drop in random locations, and can only be tracked down by exploring worlds and finding it at set locations. You can purchase it from Cass in the Ward, for 500 Scrap. You need to use Simulacrum to upgrade your Relic.
Spiced BileThis is a material you can obtain after defeating Tal’Ratha. You can take it back with you to Ward 13 and create the handgun, Nebula.
Twilight DactylusThe Twilight Dactylus is a boss material you can find while exploring Remnant 2. We were able to find it by defeating the Kaeula’s Shadow in Kaelua’s Rest on Yaesha.
Twisted LazuriteThe Twisted Lazurite is a boss item that you can acquire by defeating the Corrupter in Remnant 2. It appears in the Yaesha world if you are required to take out the enemy of many faces.