Remnant 2: How To Solve The Great Hall Brazier Puzzle

If you’re stuck on the Great Hall’s Brazier flaming torch puzzle in Remnant 2, here is how it works and what you get for solving it.

remnant 2 great hall brazier puzzle

If you’re perusing Losomn’s Great Hall or Gilded Chambers, you may have stumbled upon a room with a long corridor, with each side being adorned with five flaming pedestals. While it may not be apparent initially, these pillars are part of Remnant 2’s Brazier puzzle.

This puzzle can appear in the Great Hall Dungeon or the Gilded Chambers Dungeon. The goal is to turn the flame on each pillar from purple to white, but players may have trouble doing so as the purple flames seem to bounce around. Here’s how to solve the Great Hall Brazier Puzzle in Remnant 2.

Solving The Great Hall Brazier Puzzle in Remnant 2

While it may seem random at first, the rules of the Brazier Puzzle are simple. When you shoot a flame, it will change its color and will also change the color of the flames on either side of it.

So, if you were to shoot the flame in the middle, it would change the color of the flames to its left and right as well as its own. But if you shoot a flame on the end, it would only change its color and the one it’s adjacent to.

The puzzle is solved once all five flames on both sides are white. The easiest way to do this is to make the two end flames purple and then shoot the pedestal on the far right or left. But since the starting position of each flame’s color is different, there’s no one solution to solving this puzzle.

Great Hall Brazier Puzzle Reward

remnant 2 White Pawn Stamp ring

The Great Hall’s Brazier Puzzle rewarded us with the White Pawn Stamp. It’s a ring that reduces Mod Power Requirements by 10%, so you don’t have to shoot as many enemies to charge up your weapon mod.

It’s a relatively simple puzzle, and the reward is decent if you like to use weapon mods. I enjoy shooting flaming bullets whenever possible, so this ring comes in handy quite a bit.