Remnant 2 – How To Solve The Losomn Palace Courtyard Mural Puzzle

When arriving in Losomn, players will discover a Mural puzzle. Here is how to find the missing pieces in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 losomn mural puzzle

If you’ve found yourself in Remnant 2’s goth Victorian hellscape known as Losomn, then you are likely familiar with the Palace Courtyard. While the streets of Ironborrow are riddled with vile residents, the Beatific Palace is a luxurious homestead to the Impostor King, Faelin.

Yet, you won’t be able to enter the front gate when you first arrive. Instead, you’ll be greeted by a puzzle. A large mural on the ground before the entryway contains two faceless bodies. Your job is to find both masks and insert them into the mural in order to unlock the door – as well as switch between realms.

Obtaining the Faelin Mural Piece

Faelin Mural Piece Remnant 2

The first piece of the mural is the Faelin Mural Piece. Both masks will be on pedestals that look like statues wearing a mask. You have to approach the statue and press the interact button to remove the mask.

The Faelin Mural Piece is relatively simple to obtain. When you enter the Beatific Palace from the left of the courtyard, continue straight and use the lift to go down. After resting at the checkpoint, head up the stairs and clear the library of enemies.

Head through the opening on the left side of the library and down the hallway. You should see the Faelin Mural Piece on the stand in the room across from where the hallway ends. Clear this room as well, and grab the first part of the mural.

Faelin Mural Piece location remnant 2

Getting to Malefic Palace In Remnant 2

You’ll now need to make your way to Malefic Palace, which is essentially the Upsidedown version of Beatific Palace. Malefic Palace houses the second part of the mural, the Faerin Mural Piece.

However, it’s a long trek to get there, so strap in. You’ll need to make your way to the basement of the Beatific Palace, where you’ll find a Jester. He’ll be sitting on a pile of bones. You just need to interact with him, watch him do a juggling routine, and then accept the quil he offers you.

remnant 2 palace jester

Return to the library area and use the quill on the wall opposite the entryway. This will lead you into Ironborough, one of the many locations in the city of Losomn. From here, you’ll need to explore until you find doorways to other parts of the city. Don’t worry; these are big glowing golden doors that are fairly hard to miss.

You’re looking for the door to Cotton’s Kiln, a fiery and extremely dangerous part of Losomn. The door can be found in a far corner of Ironborough past Briella’s Gaden. Like other parts of the Losomn, Cotton’s Kiln is a fairly linear shot to the end, except the door your looking for next is guarded by a boss: Gwendil: The Unburned.

She’s not a tough fight. She throws bombs, you dodge them, take out her ads, and return fire. There’s also a checkpoint right outside her door, so there’s no worry of an egregiously long runback if you do get caught out by a barrage of bombs.

remnant 2 cotton's kiln doorway

Defeating Gwendil will open the doorway out of the boss arena leading straight to a door into the Malefic Palace.

Obtaining The Faerin Mural Piece

Faerin Mural Piece remnant 2

You’ve done all the hard work; now it’s a short walk and an even shorter carnival game to get the second piece of the mural. Once inside the Malefic Palace, walk straight and swing a right to take the lift up. In the room ahead, you’re once again greeted by the Jester, who has a different dance prepared for you this go around.

He plays a game of cups – you know, the game where you hide a ball under a cup and switch ’em around. But instead of a ball and cups, he uses cards. One of the cards will flip up and reveal a face on the bottom. Follow the card with your eyes until he throws it against the wall to make a door. Choose the right door, and you will enter a room with the Faerin Mural Piece. Take it, and now it’s on to the final step.

Opening the Mural Door

Head back to the Palace Courtyard. It doesn’t matter if you teleport there via a crystal or walk there through the door behind the Jester.

Now, approach the mural and insert both masks on either side of the mural. This will open the door to the throne room. However, if you pull the lever, you can switch between the Beatific Palace and the Malefic Palace.

From here, you’ll have to decide whether to kill Faelin or Faerin – the Impostor Kings of Losomn – but we’ve got a guide to help make that decision easier.