Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Beat the Dreamer / Nightmare


Are you ready to face off against the final boss? You better believe you’re going to jump into a glorious fight because the big baddie of Remnant: From the Ashes is ready to play. The final boss in the game is The Dreamer, and they’re going to give you a run for your money to make you earn your ending. All of the other boss battles have prepared you to handle this one, so you better make sure you’re fully geared to face off against it. Here are the details you need to know to best complete this boss fight, and beat Remnant: From the Ashes.

How to Beat the Dreamer/Nightmare in Remnant: From the Ashes

Phase One – Dreamer

The first section of the final boss battle is exceptionally straightforward. You’re going to fight the boss in its initial form, looking like a Doctor Octopus rip-off, mixed with the machinery one would the Weapon-X version of Wolverine to have on once he had the adamantium. The boss is going to serve several attacks with its floating, robotic tentacles, lashing out against you. One of the attacks is where it rushes forward to your location, swirling them all around them in a tornado of pain. You can easily dodge this attack by diving to the left or right, dealing damage when you’re ready.

During this fight, you’re going to see minions spawning in to protect the Dreamer. You can ignore them, as the Dreamer is extraordinarily squishy and you’ll want to take them out as quickly as possible.

Many players might feel a bit confused about calling this the “final” boss fight, given how easy it is to damage the Dreamer. Don’t worry. The next phase changes that when the Dreamer becomes the Nightmare.

Phase Two – Nightmare

The Nightmare boss battle is staggeringly different than the first phase in the fight. Not only does the boss gain a brand new form, but you’re also going to find none of your attacks are going to do any damage. You don’t want to damage the boss, not until a player gets teleported. This mechanics happens for a single person of a party. They get transported to this black-and-white world where there are minions you were seeing during the Dreamer fight, roaming around. While you’re waiting, the boss is going to summon the same minions from before and fire out barrages of attacks, which everyone is going to need to avoid.

When the player gets transported, they go into a realm with the same minions running around there, throwing attacks at the player. Players want to kill as many of them as possible, gaining a buff to damage the boss. The longer a player remains in the realm, though, the more damage they’re going to take by remaining there. It’s a risk-reward moment to figure out how long a player wants to stay to get the buff, but also avoid dying. When the player is ready to go, they have to leave through an orb-like portal. A player can choose to remain near the portal, killing minions until they’re ready to go.

The party members who remain behind are going to be fighting off other minions, while also avoiding the boss’ main attack. The players who stay back are going to want to clear the arena from the minions, giving the player with the buff as much time as possible to damage the Nightmare.

When everyone is back in the arena, the party needs to focus fire on the boss — namely, the Nightmare’s chest. After enough damage happens, the dreamer gets exposed, and this area becomes a weak point for the Nightmare.

Players may have to repeat this process several times. Luckily, it’s the same for the entire boss battle. Not too many changes.


After killing the boss, players are going to receive the ingredient Dreamer’s Mana, the Orb of Undoing, and the trait Mind’s Eye.

Players can use Dreamer’s Mana to craft the Repulsor weapon, which is a long gun. The Orb of Undoing is going to reset a character’s trait points, giving the player a chance to craft a brand new build. The trait, Mind’s Eye, increases a character’s ranged damage by 1.25 percent per trait point spent on it.