Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Scourge


Scourge is a super version of the radiation spamming, beehive headed freaks you have frequently been fighting in dungeons on Rhom in Remnant: From The Ashes. Scourge can afflict you with Radiation, damage you with his sweeping melee attacks, and fire projectiles at you.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat Scourge

The first thing to know about Scourge is that shooting him in the head causes projectiles to shoot out at you. As such, you want to focus on his body. The projectiles move slowly, but too many of them are hard to dodge and will bring you down. It is easier to hit him in the body and save yourself some heartache during the fight.

He heavily telegraphs his sweeping melee attacks, so you shouldn’t have any significant issues dodging them. What you need to watch out for during this fight is making sure you don’t get afflicted by Radiation. It halves your Stamina bar, making it far more challenging to manage your available Stamina and dodge incoming attacks.

Like most boss fights in the game, he has a healthy host of minions backing him up. You want to deal with these guys as they come, making sure to keep Scourge at a distance. Weapons like the Magnum, Hunters Pistol, Marksman Rifle or Sniper Rifle allow you to deal with Scourge from a safe distance. You can back these up with the Shotgun or Coachgun to make quick work of any ads that stray too close.

Scourge doesn’t have any stages and is a reasonably simple boss to beat once you learn his patterns. You’re going to get hit by his melee attacks enough times to learn their pattern.