Remnant: From the Ashes – Riphide Boss Fight


Remnant: From the Ashes adds a brand new dungeon to its Earth Realm roster today, called Leto’s Laboratory. Inside, players are going to learn about the first series of researchers who underwent experiments with the red crystal. The lab got abandoned shortly after, due to errors on the researcher’s part. Inside, players are going to find a new boss to fight, Riphide. It’s going to look eerily similar to the number of smaller, weaker enemies a player first encounters on the Earth realm. Here’s how you take it down.

Riphide Boss Fight in Remnant: From the Ashes

Fighting The Growing Forest

Riphide is a reasonably straightforward boss fight. It looks like the root minion you’ve been fighting since the beginning of the game, so you’re not going to be surprised by the creature’s look. Plus, you’re going to understand how it fights, giving you another clear advantage. The mechanic behind this boss fight is Riptide is splitting apart and becoming multiple, slightly smaller enemies for you to fight. Riptide is going to separate several times during your encounter, so don’t box yourself in a corner. The more you back up without watching yourself, the more likely you’re going to find yourself without an escape.

Much like the smaller enemies, Riptide has a ranged attack and a melee. The trees are not going to be passive with you, and they’re more than capable of rushing directly at you to engage. However, they telegraph their attack extremely hard, pulling back to slash at you. You’ll have plenty of time to dodge backward and run away.

You may run into one of the trees where it explodes, sending a wave of red energy around it and out. The waves are going to radiate out from the tree, so when you see it dive forward and across the tide of damage.

Another critical thing to remember is when these trees choose to get close to each other, they can heal each other, adding to the boss’ entire health. You’ll want to shoot the one sending the heal, stopping the process and preventing the cycle from getting worse. Don’t let them out of your sight or you’re going to find yourself finding a returning health bar.

If you keep dodging, watching the blasts of radiation, and observe if Riptide is healing itself you’re going to do quite find against the boss. There’s no unique trick or technique to fighting the boss.