Remnant: From The Ashes PC Update 214293 – Patch Notes

Update: If you have arrived at this article looking for the patch notes to the most recent update, 214415, then you can find them here.

Remnant: From The Ashes has received a new update on PC, bringing in build 214293. This brings various balances changes and bug fixes to the game. The patch did introduce a problem as it activated a VOIP function, which was barely working. The devs rolled that particular change back with another small update, however.

Remnant: From The Ashes PC Update 214293 – Patch Notes


  • Mender’s Charm range increased from 3m to 10m.
  • Jewel of the Black Sun buffed.
  • Spitfire alt fire (Flamethrower) fire-rate increased (MORE DMG!).
  • Particle Accelerator alt fire (Gravity Core) buildup requirement increased.
  • Particle Accelerator alt fire (Gravity Core) damage dramatically increased.
  • Ruin alt fire (Undying) HP regeneration now scales with the Triage Trait (starts at 50%, max Triage to 100%).
  • Ruin alt fire (Undying) buildup requirement increased.
  • Ruin revive damage reduction reduced from 25% to 10%.
  • Breath of the Desert damage reduced slightly and has a few additional cast-time frames.
  • Stormcaller now reduces incoming damage by 50% and increases movement to near-sprint speed.
  • Seed Caller (THE BOYS!) health increased from 80 to 150.
  • Iron Sentinel damage and duration increased.
  • Veil of the Black Tear base HP doubled.


  • Swamp Swarm Host (Big Fat Guy) HP reduced & corrosion range reduced to better enable “no-hit” runs.
  • Fixed The Ent’s lack of aggression in alternate combat mode.


  • Razorstone damage increase properly set to 100% (was accidentally set to 200% instead of 100%).
  • When talking to Ravager, the fog wall will now disappear.
  • Root Rot Mist (pink) no longer prevents you from aiming.
  • Dying with the Undying Mod no longer removes the Curse of the Citadel debuff.
  • Clients wearing the Ring of Evasion will not longer have infinite iFrames.
  • Irradiated debuff now properly reduces any amount of stamina by half (instead of a flat 50).
  • Fix for Sniper Rifle getting locked into scope mode.
  • Dying on Root Horror no longer causes issues with other boss rewards showing up prematurely.
  • Many fixes for Swarm/Breath of the Desert style mods allowing fire-rate exploits.
  • Breath of the Desert no longer targets beams.
  • Fix for end-game cinematic.
  • Fix for getting knocked out of fuse-box interaction, causing door to remain permanently locked.
  • Removed loot from breakables on Claviger.


  • Implemented solution to prevent profiles from being corrupted.
  • Properly cleared tactical points properly on end-play (causing some issues with bosses).
  • Gave the goodboy in Rhom a few additional snacks.
  • Achievements fixed (for PC).

Please restart your game client to apply the update. Players will need to be on the same version to group up in multiplayer.

For all technical issues and bugs, please contact ArcGames Support.