Resident Evil Village Demo 2 – release date, platforms, contents, and more

Prepare to get spooked.

Screenshot via Capcom YouTube

After scaring everyone with the first Resident Evil Village Demo, Capcom has announced that a second demo is on the way for people who wish to try out the game before it releases on May 7.

The first demo was limited to just being a PlayStation affair, but there is great news for players on other platforms, as this one will have a much broader release.

When is the Resident Evil Village Demo 2 release date?

The demo will be a limited time event, and will only be available from May 1 to May 2, although those dates slide around a little depending on where you are in the world.

  • North America – May 1 5 PM PDT to May 2, 5 PM PDT
  • Europe – May 2, 2 AM CEST to May 3, 2 AM CEST

PlayStation 5 owners will be able to get early access to the demo.

What platforms will the Resident Evil Village Demo 2 be on?

The Resident Evil Village Demo 2 will be on the following platforms:

  • PC
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One, Series X, Series S
  • Google Stadia

What is in the demo?

The demo will offer up to one hour of gameplay, and it is time limited so make the most of your time in it. The demo will also be split between two different areas, Village and Castle.

PlayStation Only dates


  • North America – April 17, 5 PM to April 18, 1 AM PDT
  • Europe – April 18, 7 PM to April 19, 3 AM CEST


  • North America – April 24, 5 PM to April 25, 1 AM PDT
  • Europe – April 25, 7 PM to April 26, 3 AM CEST